Favorite Author's Book Reviews

Favorite Author's Book Reviews

Today I have reviews of two of my favorite Authors. Lauren DeStefano and Serena Chase.

A Curious Tale of the In-Between

By Lauren DeStefano

Lauren DeStefano has written some of my favorite books. Books that I need to reread and share new updated book reviews for. So when I discovered she was writing a middle grade book I was excited. Unfortantely I didn't move to the states fast enough to pre-order a signed copy of the book, so I just got a regular one. One day though I will get something signed by her!! For now this story, is interesting, thought inducing and really good (like all her work).

A curious Tale of the In-Between is a story that follows young Pram in her quest. Her quest involves her two best friends Felix and Clarence. The book itself is written on a very depressing level. It's not happy, it's a sad tale. How Pram comes to be, starts with death. I read this early one morning while take a bath. It took two hours to finish and I enjoyed every depressingly happy moment of it.

Also the cover is perfect.

The Sunken Realm Series by Serena Chase

Eyes of E'veria Book 4

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When Serena reached out to me about reading an advance copy of her book I was thrilled!! And then super sad that I was in the middle of moving and couldn't focus on reading. Serena was super awesome and was okay with waiting for me to read it in a few weeks. In fact she shared these kind words with me, which I then tweet because it was exactly what I needed at the time.

Today I was told "Breathe first, read later" and I think I'll do just that. Thanks @Serena_Chase#breathe

— Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) October 3, 2015

Finally I had the opportunity to sit down in my new reading chair and devour it. And devour I did, I started at 10 in the morning and didn't finish till 730 that night. I had to stop to do minor things in between chapters but for the most part I sat staring at my EReader devouring the words she had written.

The feature image included today is from the book. It's beautiful

You are amazing

You are seen

You are known

First Erielle is a beautiful name and she has been one of my favorite characters throughout the whole series. I was so excited to find the story picks up right where we left off and builds from there.

The best parts of this book was Erielle and Cazien and their treatment of each other. They choose love. At first Erielle said no, but came to realize she did love him, but not through a creepy stocking way, like you get in those crap books called Twilight. I wish I had stopped and written down some of my favorite lines, but I was so into the story I just wanted to get onto more that I didn't take any notes.

While I was expecting it, the children of the sunken realm that did not have homes, ended up exactly where I thought they would be and it made me so happy.

I think a great reason why I enjoyed this book so much was because I can see Kevin and I in it. While we aren't off saving hundreds of children or rulers of kingdoms. Our love worked similarily and I definitely want to foster and maybe adopt older children one day. Moving on...

I am so excited that you can now buy paperback copies of The Ryn and The Remedy. And honestly it's one of the first things I did this week!

Happy Reading!!

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