November Goals

October goals were very generic and boring to be fully honest. I did the same thing I always did for my blog. I didn't cut out sugar or work out enough. Though Kevin and I have worked towards new normal's and exploring its to early to really define any of it. But we have been in Wisconsin for 1 month as of today! And that is exciting! Moving on to goals!

For My Blog

In the past six months I have dedicated hours to my blog. Most of those hours have not been spent on content or projects. But research into affiliated links, branding, sponsorship's, etc. My goal was to be earning a bit of money by the end of the year. When Kevin got the job in Wisconsin we assumed it would be a process to get things transferred and allow me to continue the work I was doing.

With some research we have discovered, it will be impossible for me to get a work visa at this time. The work visa would allow me to work until we can get our green cards. Because this is almost impossible, it means I can not work in any capacity. And for the first time in my life I don't know what to do. I already knew I didn't want a work in the traditional sense of the word. But I would have liked to have continued working at festivals and turn my blog into something a little more.

By not having a visa any income I earn can get me fined or removed from the country. As such I am unwilling to do anything that would put me in danger of that. This knowledge has put me in a slump.

A few things to note

We moved from Canada to US - see travel journal our Move to Wisconsin We have removed ourselves as Canadian Residents for tax purposes so I can't claim Canadian income either I will be looking at Volunteer Opportunities when I am ready for it

Even with this change I still have some blog goals to mentioned

I have something exciting coming for December! I am working hard on my Self Portrait Project! I'm creating a Monthly Money Monday's Series, posting next week!!

My Goal for this month

Is to be more online - comment, like, share

For Me

Read for pleasure
Bake a Pie
Work Out or figure out a way to be healthier
Go for a Bike Ride
Explore the neighborhood
Find a hairdresser
Don't become a hermit

For Kevin and I

Create a detailed budget and make it work
Track Expenses
Only eat out once a week
Host a couple of game nights
Look at purchasing a car

Now about today's pictures!

When we moved into our apartment, we received free Badger Football tickets. That game was for October 31 aka Halloween. The day started off with this tweet

Our first football 🏈 game shall be in the rain β˜”πŸ˜’#wisconsin#Badgers#football#boo#rain

β€” Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) October 31, 2015

From there we walked to the bus and then had to buy rain poncho's because we weren't allowed to bring umbrella's in.

Football is confusing. My feet were cold and we lasted till half time. Then happily hopped on the bus to end the evening with games inside! It was an experience, though one we probably won't do again!

Do you watch football?

Happy Monday!

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