I don't talk about my allergies very often. 1, because I hate justifying them and 2, they are really hard to prove. I have done test after test to get it defined as to what I am allergic too and have never received a defined answer. It's just something I deal with. Sometimes however it is frustrating The other day I went into the lady's room at the mall and washed my hands. The sinks in this particular bathroom offered no escape from the automatic soap dispenser when washing hands. I tried to avoid it but it squirted anyways and a huge line of soap landed just before my wrist. I then spent the next ten minutes frantically scrubbing off the burn but still left with a massive welt and a lot of pain.

It's just soap.

Then there's laundry. We have found a liquid detergent that I am not allergic to once washed. But when I am putting it in the washing machine if any of it gets on me it's the same as the above store, except instead of a welt I usually swell. It still burns and it totally sucks.

My biggest issue when working was co-workers and they perfume. Certain people loved to drench themselves in it. It honestly reminds me of teenage boys first discovering Axe body spray in high school. It's disgusting. Everyday my body's reaction was to throw up and I would spend hours aching. But she would not get the hint. I finally just threw up in her office. I feel like anyone drenching themselves in perfume is trying to hide something. You don't need to do it. There is a small amount that makes you smell yummy and wouldn't hurt others. Most of my sick days from work are from idiot co-workers.

On top of that there is a lovely product called lysol. It is evil. My worst reactions are to this product. You could clean my desk two hours before I touch it and I would still react. If you opened the container I would react. This reaction was always the worst because not only would I throw up, my lungs would constrict. Depending on how fast the reaction my lungs would constrict to the point were throwing up became impossible and I would struggle to breath. This one is where I started to get really angry with people.

I have other strange allergies

Pumpkin, last time I made a pumpkin pie it splattered and I had little burn marks all over my arms and chest Mango, unless eating it in Cuba. This is also my favorite fruit! FreshlyCutGrass, smells deliciously like my nose hairs burning. TreeSap, try getting that off without hurting other parts of yourself!

I am also allergic to most chemicals, which is why I wear gloves when cleaning the house or dying my hair.

I just wish people were more aware. Aware of the harm they can do to others. I remember my high school graduation and at one point I made fun of my Granny for her perfume allergies and squirted more of the stuff on just to spite her. The irony of that is how I now react. It sucks.

Be aware

Be kind

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