Monthly Money Monday

Monthly Money Monday

Welcome to Monthly Monday Moneys. A new post feature (posting on the first available Monday, every month) where I discuss our process of becoming debt free. This year has brought some exciting changes for us. The biggest of which is the end of University for Kevin and the beginning of repayment to student loans. Education in Canada is pricy. The debt load is high. I hate debt. The biggest thing I learned about working in a bank for 6 years, is that a lot of people don't understand how crippling debt truly is. We are lucky in the sense that we have no debt outside of student loans.

I will not be providing dollar amounts, I sharing the progress. I would love if we could be debt free in two to three years. But when I actually got numbers and started to crunch them, it's unrealistic to think that would be possible. We are looking at closer to five years. With the potential of paying it down sooner depending on finances throughout those five years.

Our Progress

On top of our journey out of debt I will talk about any other financial matters that have crossed my mind. Our debt is currently divided into 4 different accounts, meaning 4 monthly payments. It's frustrating dealing with 4 different banks to make 4 payments to 4 different loans. I am worried about missing one and something screwing up. Just because we've left Canada doesn't mean I am willing to hurt my credit within the country. Here is the pro and con list of us move 2 of those payments from Canada to the US.

Stay in Canada

Low interest rates 4 payments instead of 3 Wire fees I know people

Move to US

Higher interest rate Chances of approval difficult 3 payments - less monthly commitment Potentially locked

Beyond the question of what we should do, we encounter the issue of approval. If we were to move some of the debt to the states, would we be approved? Banks in the States work very differently than in Canada (first they call cheques - checks).

Other Financial Questions I have

How much to Budget for Groceries

Where can I find the best grocery deals

To lease or own a car

The answer to those questions coming soon. Though if you have any advice, please share in the comments below!

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