Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

I saw a picture on Instagram, someone reading the Bell Jar, when I happened to be book-less in a doctor's office. Which is a strange sensation. I sent Kevin to the bookstore to bring me a book and he came back with this book, Animal Farm and Brave New World. None of which I have ever read.

I was really looking forward to The Bell Jar. But it was not what I expected. It was a depressing sad story about a woman with depression in a time where depression wasn't an acknowledged condition. She goes through hell and back. It's a sad story of the reality of the time.

The author's story is just as sad. She commits suicide at age 30, with her two children in the room beside.

What I like about The Bell Far is that Esther says she doesn't want children nor a normal life. She is looking for more. But how do you get more in that day in age.

This book took me by surprise, I was expecting a strong feminist raging against society and found a soft-spoken scared girl filled with depression. She is also someone I could relate to. Relating to depression is scary.

I think in a few years I will have to read this again.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

This book is so short. It's strange. I can relate a lot of my life to the different sects of animals in the story.

Spoilers The animals chasing the farm away - as a teenager I moved to a new community causing a lot of change The pigs starting off offering so much for the others hard work - the adults in my life offered perks for babysitting or assisting with cleaning up the place the demands got crazier - the demands got crazier you soon can't remember what happened before the change and it just continues.

They don't get out, I did.

The Last Apprentice - A Coven of Witches by Joseph Delaney

I have read almost the entire Last Apprentice series. They are good books even though I did get bored with them nearer the end. Which is why I waited so long to read this book. This one has 4 short stories. My favorite of course covering how Alice met up with Lizzie Bones. The worst being the banshee witch. Though the banshee witch story would have been handy to read before the two books of the series. It filled some holes. It was so nice to read something lighter than what I have read, recently. So much so that I am read Joseph's other short story.

The Last Apprentice - The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors by Joseph Delaney

I started reading this a month ago and while I enjoy the Spooks tales, I just haven't been up to reading. Plus there has been so many things happening it's been hard to keep on top of it. There are 5 stories within this book. They are all short. My favorite of course being Grimalkin's Tale, because I very much wanted to know more about the witch assassin. Unfortunately I feel like most of the story had already been told, so that's a little disappointing. It was also very interesting to read the Spook's story about his journey from priesthood to spook. I think once I get house set up and books organized I will have to reread through this series.

Happy Reading!!

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