What I didn't expect from the move


I can't do much without Kevin or his Social Number. Anything related to banking - transferring funds, paying bills. I am stuck to making it work in his schedule instead of getting stuff done when he is at work. It's a frustrating scenario. One we are working hard on improving!


I wasn't expecting the crazy way I miss my friends. Honestly Skype almost makes it worse. You can't hug a computer, but my beautiful friend is sitting right there in front of me.


If I have to take the bus the amount of anxiety and emotions I get usually lead to violent body shakes and throwing up. Some days I make it out the door other days I don't. If Kevin is with me, I am fine. If I have a car I am fine. But the bus... won't happen. This day I wrote about, is basically the one time I actually made it out the door! I can't wait to get a vehicle and not feel this way. Fingers crossed it happens soon.


So because I don't have a vehicle and I can't take the bus. You would think I would get tired of being home all day. Turns out I love it. I feel so at peace here. I have tons of space. I don't feel strained to do anything because everything is on my time. If I feel the need to get out a bit, I'll run to the grocery store across the street or even to the mailbox or gym both of which are in the building. It's lovely and I am so happy with the apartment we got.


On a good day we have 3 ladybugs in the house. It could be worse (it could be more of these or these!) but I still don't like bugs in the house. And I feel terrible killing a ladybug. But they are better than spiders any day of the week.


Very few people in our building and the next do not own a pet. It feels like everyone has one. There are two dogs every morning around 7am who bark like crazy at each other. It's the same dogs every morning but they bark like they have never seen each other before. It's entertaining to watch their owners try to stop it. On rainy days I am thankful I don't have a pet but on sunshine days, a large snuggle bear would be lovely. The $30 monthly pet fee is not worth it.

Happy Saturday

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