Monthly Favorites

I know its the middle of the month but a lot of what I have written are things I'm not up to posting. Or I've been drawing a blank as to what to write! I was watching In The Frow last week and she did her monthly favorites video and I figured why not turn her questions into a blog post. So here we go

Favorite program to watch this month

Since I am now home almost 24/7 I have been restricting how much TV I watch. I am also very picky on what TV I do watch. But Supergirl is just the type of Feminist TV Show I have to watch at least a few episodes of. I am still undecided if it's a show I will watch till it's end but I have been enjoying it. It's fun, it's quirky and she makes mistakes. What's annoying to me is the lack of color in the female characters. Actually you can read a fabulous article all about that here. Oh and also how come the black guy has to become the bad guy?? It's happening in this show and in Agents of Shield. Boo

Favorite photo I took this month

I am participating in an Instagram Challenge and have been trying to take photos out of the box. So I got these two here. (You can find them on my Instagram here and here). I know it's not one but it's hard to choose. Both required a lot of prep and work behind the scenes and that's what I see when I look at these photos.

Favorite piece of clothing this month

It's not really clothing but it is something you wear. I bought this backpack for carrying stuff when I am walking around the city. It's come in super handy. Also I'd like to note that I have never truly owned a backpack. I did have one for grade 8 and 12, the only years I wasn't home-schooled, but they were boring black bags with no personality. This one is fun! And also pink :)

Favorite way I spent my time this month

On Saturday's we connect with two people from Calgary (Canada) and one from somewhere in Florida on Skype and we play D&D using Roll D20. It's a lot of fun and a little nerdy.

Favorite food this month

At first I wanted to share a picture, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet and I haven't posted it on my food blog yet to link. SO - written imagery

It begins with pulling the shell out of a brand new bag, the smell of freshly baked dough fills your nostrils and sets your mouth watering. Laying it on the counter beside you, you pull the sharp cheddar from the fridge and slide the knife quickly through it. Cutting thin slices of dairy heaven. Placing the slices onto half the tortilla shell you sprinkle basil over top. Turning the burner onto medium heat you add a flat frying pan to it. A quick spray of olive oil coats the pan and you add the folded shell encased with cheese. Within a few moments a delectable smell can be found in all corners of the house. Flipping the shell just before it burns the other side is then seared. Once completed on both sides, it's cut into four triangles and eaten with sour cream and salsa.

I have no idea if I am any good at written imagery,  but hopefully you get the idea.

Favorite drink this month

Hot Coco, hands down! In fact my biggest disappointment in moving to the states was having to find a good brand of hot coco. My favorite brand in Canada was Carnation without marshmallows. So far I am like Swiss Miss with marshmallows. In fact we bought a massive can of it and between the two of us, it was gone within 10 days.

Favorite event or occasion this month

Hosting game night! In fact I have always loved hosting game night. This time it's with different people, who will be interesting to get to know. I made this pasta, but skipped the red pepper flakes because not everyone can handle spice. We had fun playing D&D. This group is mostly new to D&D, so we have decided to try version 5 instead of 3.5. So far I am liking it!

Favorite song this month

New Moon (The Meadow) By Alexandre Desplat Also Moulin Rouge Soundtrack!

Favorite thing I've use this month

Might be silly but in the right photo I shared above is a mirror. And that is my favorite thing I have been using. As someone who can not see without her glasses putting on makeup is a challenge. But this mirror is completely movable and has made things so much easier! I am so happy to have grabbed it for a steal of a deal (a whole 5 bucks!).

Favorite people of the month

Favorite Blog

For the Love of Tuna - written by Joy. Joy is such an amazing person. She left me a great comment a couple weeks ago and we've been Facebook messaging since. She has answered some of dire questions. She use to live in Wisconsin and sadly she doesn't anymore. I am sad to have missed her but am so thankful for her knowledge! Look at her adorable Halloween costume! And this is my current favorite post!


Lauren DeStefano - I love her books and her twitter feed is hilarious. If I ever need a good laugh I go here! I mean seriously how awesome is this?

sorry I can't go out today, the floor outside of my house is all hot lava

— Lauren DeStefano (@LaurenDeStefano) November 1, 2015


Yvonne Bainbridge - I have to say is my current favorite Instagram. It's not because she takes stunning photos. It's because she is authentic, genuine and so very motivating! And I simply love that in her! This move is incredible and I will be able to hold a plank for this one someday soon! Plus puppy!


Inspiration Indulgence - I mean her tag line is "Inspiring you to be the best version of yourself"!


Stuff Mom Never Told You - HowStuffWorks - there are so many things I do not know. Cristen is quirky and has a fun way of explaining things. I have so enjoyed her videos!


I have a lot of humans I love, but this little one hit the heart strings the other day. She was so adorable running around while I was Skyping her Mom, who is also one of the most beautiful people I know. Miss them both

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