It's Time To Drive!

It's Time To Drive!

Since we've moved I feel like I've done a lot of whining. A great example of that is this post, What I Didn't Expect From the Move. I have felt very trapped and limited as to what I could do as of late. I don't do well on transit, so getting a car was very high on my priority list. First thing was finding the right vehicle feel.

Car Number 1

When we got into our car accident, we had the opportunity to get a rental. That rental was a Hyundai Elantra. My friend actually owns this car. I have always enjoyed being a passenger in her car and didn't mind the feel of it as a passenger. As a driver though I hated this car. Felt like I was in a boat, it drove like a boat.

Car Number 2

The Hyundai Sonata was a vehicle we rented when we first got to Madison. It had a similar feel to the Elantra, but worse. Worse because the back window was tiny. After driving two Hyundai's we decided we wouldn't even bother going to the dealership.

Car Number 3

My brother-in-law actually just bought the Nissan Note and it was on our list to check out. So when we visited him, I was able to hop in and check it out. My quick check of things left me liking the car, but it was just missing a few keys things I was looking for. When we did the test drive later and chatted with the sales guy, we discovered that we won't be able to get the features I was wanting. But what really ended our look at the Note was the sales guy. He was super pushy and not considerate of what we were looking for, he made us super uncomfortable.

Car Number 4

Our favorite visit to a dealership was to Ford, to test drive the Ford Fiesta. The sales guy and Kevin really connected, talking about technology and the transfer into cars. The test drive went well and this was definitely on our top car choice for a while. Sadly there were a few key things that bothered me. Mainly the side mirrors, it was a little dial and not very user-friendly. It was also really small and while small wasn't terrible, it just didn't have the complete feel I as going for. It was super comfy and the headrests moved, you could change the lights and it was a fun little car.

Car Number 5

The Premium Mazda Skyactiv, I loved this car. It's closer to a SUV than a compact but still managed to be small and it felt awesome driving. It was smooth, had a ton of features including a blink notification for when vehicles were coming up behind you on either side. The sales guy for this dealership was super awkward. But he took us for the best test drive ever. He had a set path he wanted me to drive, that included highway, side roads, turning tests and parking lots maneuver testing. The issue was the price. This was the most expensive car we sat in. The pricing on it was/is ridiculous. But it sure was beautiful!

Car Number 6

This is another rental. It had been about a month without a car and I was going crazy being trapped with transit. So we rented the Chevy Malibu. This car is funky, that's the only word for it. Whenever you stop, it reduces from a 6 cylinder to a 4 cylinder, which then had to turn back on when you start moving again. It gives the feeling of a stall every time. It's uncomfortable. If it wasn't for that one thing, this is a luxury car, all the inside features were awesome. I am betting it was as expensive as the Skyactiv.

The Winner

In the end the biggest thing for buying a car was comfort. Would I love to drive this car for hours? And we found that in the Toyota Scion iM. The driver's seat seats just right, as does the headrest (it's amazing how many headrests get in the way of a pony-tail!). It's a smaller car, not the tiniest but still pretty compact. 5 doors, backdoor being a hatchback. It also has a nice interface, between phone, car and touch screen. It's user-friendly for me and detailed enough for Kevin. Also two random features were the duel temperature control and folding side mirrors.

We got black, black outside and inside. Which means I don't have to worry about purple dye coloring everything!

And there you have it! We are now the proud owners of a little Scion iM.

Happy Hump Day!

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