An A Hour Throughout the Day

When you are writing a ton and scared to post what you are writing, it makes it hard to come up with content to post! I thought I would do something less scary and this is what I came up with. Track my movements every hour for one day and see how productive I was/am. The thing is I choose a day where a book was more important to me than anything else. Actually two books! So here is my day

630 AM

The alarm goes off and I roll out of my warm blankets and head to the bathroom. This is where this selfie was taken... camera phone and bed hair!

730 AM

Since getting the car I've dropped Kevin off at work daily, so here we are in the pouring rain, taking shot number 2 in the car!

830 AM

I was supposed to go to the gym after dropping Kevin off. But when I got home I really had to pee, so I ran up the stairs and hit the bathroom. Discovering, of course, a book along my way. I proceeded to be distracted by this book for most of the morning.

930 AM

My tummy started rumbling about 60 pages into my read and so I made a favorite. Or what use to be a favorite. The sausages I've found so far, don't have quiet the same taste as I am use to. But they are still pretty yummy.

1030 AM

I've finished Amy Poehler's book and as with any book I read - I write a review. But I was super cold and the best way to warm up when your bones are cold is to take a bath. I love baths and I don't know about you but writing and reading in the bath has always been a favorite past-time. 

1130 AM

When my alarm went off I was super surprised because I didn't realize how much time had passed. That's what happens when you dive into a story. The fact is, after finishing Amy Poehler's book and writing my review I grab another book. A book I had read before but devoured again! (come back Friday for my reviews!

So you get a hair shot of me in the bathtub. I love the water in this photo. One side is being taken over by the purple! By the time I got out the tub was purple! Thank god for scrubbing bubbles!

1230 PM

Out of the tub, body lotioned and with chapters waiting to be read. I decided to do my makeup, so that I could be semi ready to leave the house in a few hours! I love this little shelve we got. It is the perfect size and easily washed. It stores all my makeup and keeps things clean!

130 PM

Before heading out, I need to eat. You might notice that my hair is still in a towel. I tend to leave it in there for as long as possible. My blow dryer broke about a month ago and these little towels are super handy. My hair usually dries super well-being held up in the towel all night. This time it didn't turn out as normal and I think that's because I rushed it.

Also lunch was delicious. I took a Taco Shell, loaded it up with pizza sauce, sharp cheddar cheese, red pepper flakes and basil. Yum yum! Again I am eating and reading!

230 PM

I've left the house and picked up Kevin. He had a doctor's appointment. The timer went off while we were driving so I had Kevin take the pictures. It's still raining like crazy. Pascal is our car ornament.

330 PM

I don't do well in doctor's office. Hospital's I am totally fine with, but doctor's office I find... disturbing. I stayed in the car while Kevin at his appointment. The appointment took forever and I ended up reading in the car, listening to the rain. It was quiet peaceful.

Kevin is fine, just has a slight cough but he had an inhaler for it and this was just a follow-up appointment. The doctor didn't like how his lungs sounded so he was sent for a chest x-ray and now has antibiotics.

430 PM

When we finally got home, I discovered a package at my door! The package was my subscription box to The UniversiTee Box. I am not (yet) in University, but I loved the messaged they have (Yea body positivity!) and you can get a discount when you first signed up. I signed up and I am so happy with the box. I have 5 pairs of brown shoes, but very little clothes that go with them. Now I own an adorable brown T-Shirt (pictures to follow later!)

530 PM

If you saw this tweet the other day, then you know we rearranged the house. The rearranged made it so much more comfortable to play video games, so we spent the evening doing just that! My favorite game is Borderlands and we beat the game, again! We have played so much Borderlands over the past 6 years it's ridiculous and I think I am finally tired of this latest installment of the series (Borderlands 2, 234 hours and Pre-Sequel, 131 hours. couldn't find Borderlands 1...). I need a new game!!

You can kinda see the house from these pictures! It's far from being complete. Where the TV is, will be moved once we get a wall mount to about a foot and a half higher than it is. So it will be above the fireplace. I hope to create a fireplace mantle as right now it is so boring (like this one)! We also need to get rid of some bins and order some bookshelves! Maybe in January...

630 PM

Having beat Borderlands again, I decided it was time for something else. So I tried out the polish that came with my package! It's very sparkly, reminds me of Christmas and is super textured on top!

730 PM

Between the 630 and the 730 we had supper and then sat down to watch Supergirl, which I wrote about here. While watching I decided my toes needed painting too.

830 PM

I wrote in my If I Don't post about how we go to bed early. Early for us means 9pm bedtime. It means getting ready for bed at 830.

And there is my day! Staying home can seem so boring when you remove social media and work. What does your day look like?

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