Book Review

Book Review

Abhorsen by Garth Nix

Book 3 in Abhorsen series

A couple months ago for book club I read Sabriel. It was a great book and I really enjoyed it. And was left wanting more! Thankfully there was two more books in the series. Not realizing it I borrowed this one from a friend and it turned out to be the third book in the series not the second! And while it was a tad confusing to get all the new and aged characters figured out. I still really enjoyed story and how it played out.

Thankfully a favorite character was still around and that is Mogget! True to form and full of sass. Now if I could have a 'pet' like Mogget, I would go out and get him right now! If only such a creature didn't exist only in our heads.

Lirael is an interesting character and I really enjoyed her and the Disreputable Dog. I would have enjoyed knowing a little more about her mother's story. But what was driving me insane was not know the details of Sabriel, Touchstone and their children! I want to know what happened in the twenty years difference between the two books!! And as soon as I can I will be off to find book number 2.

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The Books of Pellinor Book 1 and 2

The Naming

I have read this book before, but on my first stop to the library an old favorite felt like the right way to go. And so I dive again into the story of bards, lyres, and myth. The story came alive in the form of a young girl who is introduced as a slave but is so much more. With three months she becomes more than she was. She grows up fast and hard and the girl you see at the beginning is not the same girl you see at the end.

The Riddle

Book 2 picks up where book 3 leaves off. It is full of battles, trails, and self-exploration. My favorite part being the time spent as a wolf. Having previously read the book the death of certain people bothered me less. But the story is written well, that no matter how many times you read it, you will feel her grief.

The Books of Pellinor Book 3 and 4

The Crow

This is the story of Hem. Maerad's brother. I am so happy to have his story. I remember last time reading his story I cried and the same emotions were invoked this time as well. My favorite character is Zelika and I was there was a future there. There is so much horror in Hem's story and you have a hard time remembering he is 12. He seems much older in that. Kids grow up so fast in war.

The Singing

This is the story of everyone making the last journey and being together again. There are some new characters, loss of old characters and a strengthening of our favorite characters. What is great about this series, is that it is never one person who must do it all on their own. While sometimes the character might feel all alone in the world. They are never alone and they never have to do their task alone. Most books with chosen ones are not like this. The story ends abruptly and does not finish makes me wonder if there is another book. I will definitely have to search for it. I want to know what happens to the snouts and Cadvan and all the others in the books.

Happy Reading!


My favorite lines in all the books combine

Gahal looked at him in astonishment.
”A Stormdog? They haven’t been seen around here since the Great Silence.”
He shook his head.
”It is not even winter. How did you survive it?”
”Maerad sang it a lullaby,” said Cadvan dryly. “And it went away.”
Gahal was sipping his wine, and at this he spluttered.
”You are joking, of course,” he said when he had recovered himself. “I mean, really.”
”No, I’m not joking. Maerag has -ah- some original solutions to such things. I must tell you of how she turned a Hull into a rabbit. But that is, in fact, what happened, and it is why we are here, and not dashed to the bottom of the Ileadh Straits.”

(the rabbit also attacked Cadvan not realizing it was a rabbit!! Such a great story piece!)

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