Holiday Tradition

Holiday Tradition

I love Christmas! I always have and so I figured participating in Blogmas would be so much fun! And then I realized how little we do for Christmas and how things have changed so much over the years.

As a child the tradition seemed to be surprise Dad with an almost fully decorated tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. The only thing that would be really missing would be the tree topper, the gorgeous handmade angel. Dad would lift one of us up to put the angel in her place and then we would stand around the tree together with Christmas music on in the background and that would be it.

Slowly presents would show up under the tree. My sister would arrange them according to name and the next day they would be unsorted and messy again.

As an adult, we bounced from Kevin's parents to my parents (when we were allowed). This year however, Kevin and I are on our own. No family and most likely no friends will be in town (which is totally fine, they should travel!) And we aren't exchanging presents (we are getting just one big thing! and it's for the house...). So the day will probably be filled with Skype, Netflix and Video Games. And it sounds like exactly what I need!

Blogmas is hosted by The Coastie Couple and The Petite Mrs. For details on this years prompts see here.

1st picture is from 2012. My darling friend Cat gave tins of cookies for presents! They were amazing cookies!

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