Signs of the Season

Signs of the Season

25 Signs of Christmas

  1. The Snow starts falling
  2. You starting thinking of shopping for others and not yourself
  3. Everything Green and Red shows up
  4. Starbucks brings out their Christmas cups
  5. Pinterest goes crazy with DIY Christmas Trees
  6. Christmas Music
  7. Coco becomes the must have drink
  8. You see people driving around with trees on the roofs of their cars
  9. The post office gets busier and packages take longer
  10. People become obsessed with "the war of Christmas" and not understanding that some humans believe and celebrate other holidays
  11. Christmas Parties
  12. And Sparkly dresses!
  13. Santa Claus
  14. Santa Claus Runs (which I definitely need to do next year!)
  15. Holidays and family get togethers
  16. People's true colors come out, whether they are happy or sad
  17. The radio changes from usually bad music to non-stop repeats
  18. Snowmen are built
  19. Terrible Romantic Movies come out
  20. Children begin writing letters
  21. More people drink and drive
  22. Christmas baking - cookies and pies and yummy potatoes!
  23. Decorations get put up
  24. People smile a ton more
  25. Pascal gets a Christmas hat

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