Golden Memories

Golden Memories

1st - A Childhood Memory

My favorite childhood memory comes from boxing day before we moved to the farm. The main thing asked for as a child was Barbie anything. Barbie house, clothes, kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff. Then once the presents were open and dinner was over. My sister and I would clear off the dining room table. Pull the rest of our Barbie stuff up from the basement and begin. The new stuff would slowly get blended with the old as we built massive Barbie houses covering the entire table, chairs and floor. We would sit there for the next week or two playing, fighting, and rearranging. Yanked this photo out of my scrapbook. I'm 12 here and we were just getting started.

2nd - One of Our First Christmas' Hosting

One of Kevin's and mine first time hosting Christmas, we got my sister a special present. I wrapped it up carefully and when we gave it to her, we made her sit in a special place with cameras primed. She opened it up and started bouncing so freaking excited that she finally had a cellphone! Until she slowly started to realize it was a fake. At the time Kevin worked at I should really ask what her memory of that day. I also can't find a single picture from that day :(

3rd - Family Christmas Events

2013 Christmas - My family went to the Gun Range and Cirque Musica. Technically we did both in 2014 as we couldn't get everyone together in December of 2013. But it was a lot of fun!

And Lastly

Christmas with Kevin's Family

It's so hard to explain Christmas with Kevin's family. It's so peaceful. There's no faking or putting on faces. People are real, honest and genuinely enjoy each other. I cherish each of those moments. So much so that I usually forget to pull out my camera because I am enjoying myself so much. That is the true definition of a good time for me, when there is no need for a camera or cellphone to be used as a distraction. This year will be my 9th Christmas with my "adopted family" and we are far away. 

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