Winter Activities

Winter Activities

In previous years, our winter activities consisted of

Attending Work Christmas Parties
Attending Friends Christmas Parties
Hosting Our Own Christmas Party
Attending Jingles Christmas Music Show
Hosting a D&D Christmas Compaign
Wearing my Christmas Hat everywhere
Watching Christmas Movies
Decorating the House for the Holiday
And drinking lots of Eggnog

This year

Day 7: Winter Activities

We have gone to two Holiday Bazaars.
I have made these "Gingerbread Cookies" (they are nothing like true gingerbread more like snickerdoodles).
I've mailed only 20 Christmas Cards.
I have taken one picture with my Christmas Hat and not worn it at all.
I had a hard time finding decent eggnog and I've found something close, but not perfect.
I have researched Snowshoe lessons and adventures, paint night adventures for one (Kevin won't go with me and I have yet to befriend a girl), and free Christmas music events.
We went to Fantasy in Lights, which is where all these pictures were taken. The lights are set to music, flip your radio to a certain station and it played to the song was very neat to watch. I have been to light shows before, but they have always been walk thru's in a park. This was turn your car lights of and drive thru. They gave you two Christmas radio stations to listen too and you drove slowly thru looking at the lights.

Day 7: Winter Activities
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