Winter Activities


In previous years, our winter activities consisted of

Attending Work Christmas Parties
Attending Friends Christmas Parties
Hosting Our Own Christmas Party
Attending Jingles Christmas Music Show
Hosting a D&D Christmas Compaign
Wearing my Christmas Hat everywhere
Watching Christmas Movies
Decorating the House for the Holiday
And drinking lots of Eggnog

This year

Day 7: Winter Activities

We have gone to two Holiday Bazaars.
I have made these "Gingerbread Cookies" (they are nothing like true gingerbread more like snickerdoodles).
I've mailed only 20 Christmas Cards.
I have taken one picture with my Christmas Hat and not worn it at all.
I had a hard time finding decent eggnog and I've found something close, but not perfect.
I have researched Snowshoe lessons and adventures, paint night adventures for one (Kevin won't go with me and I have yet to befriend a girl), and free Christmas music events.
We went to Fantasy in Lights, which is where all these pictures were taken. The lights are set to music, flip your radio to a certain station and it played to the song was very neat to watch. I have been to light shows before, but they have always been walk thru's in a park. This was turn your car lights of and drive thru. They gave you two Christmas radio stations to listen too and you drove slowly thru looking at the lights.

Day 7: Winter Activities
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