You Are Enough
You Are Enough

It's boxing day. Which means the holidays are coming to an end. I was attempted to sleep the other night and ended up thinking how lucky I am. Christmas this year was just Kevin and I, with a of couple Skype dates. It was peaceful, drama free and a reflection of who we are. But I also realized that this is unusual. Most people don't have that. It's rare even for me, though future Christmas are looking up. I've gone from having stressful family Christmases, where I do 90% of the planning (though none of the cooking) and having to listen to everyone whine and complain about X, Y, Z. To peaceful Christmases, spent the way I never dreamed possible.

I have grown massive amounts over the past few months. January's post will be a collection of that growth. This month when I got UniversiTee Box, I found a message inside. It feels very fitting with how I've lived my life this past year. And as I devoured that bar of Hershey's Cookies and Cream. I realized that I don't say it enough. But my friends, readers, family have made me who I am.

And I am enough.

You Are Enough
You Are Enough

Tee Shirt Quote

Don't Stress

The Could Haves

If It Should Have

It Would Have

Hope you had an amazing holiday. And if you are struggling out there, message me! I'm always an email, text or phone call away. Things I found useful this year

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UniversiTee Box is a monthly subscription box, providing positive messages for College Girls around the US. Sign up for your Box here. My box came with Chocolate, Nail Art and the Tee Shirt! 

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