2015 Year in Review
2015 Monthly Recap

I've done this for years... What I should do is re-edit those post and post them up. But for now, you can see last years here and this years here. This shows everything I want to remember throughout the year!


Babysit my siblings for my parents get-a-way weekend
Lots of Skype dates and dinners with friends
Made my Wedding Backdrop
Hosted Birthday Party for Alex
Hosted our Wedding Laser Tag Event
Met with Devonian Gardens for our wedding photos
Got my Dress Altered
Fought with Moores over guys suites
Had a weekend long party that included my bachlorette party, a spa day, and a bridal shower


Had many breakfast events with friends and family
Road tripped with my grandparents and uncle
Had Rehearsel Dinner
Decorated for our wedding
Got Married!!
Celebrated Christmas with my family
Had many visits to Lethbridge
Lots of coffee visits with friends
Celebrated Karen's Birthday!
Visited the Farm
Began volunteering for Children's Festival


Many Games Nights
Had two job interviews
Lots of volunteering
Lots of writing


Completed 21 Day Mediation Challenge
Skyped a ton
Went to a lot of Gym Classes
Threw a going away party for Alex
Went to Dean's Band Night
Shopping with Amanda
Many visits with Friends
Lots of volunteering


Trip To BC - Revelstoke, Abbostford, Vancouver
Children's Festival Begins and Ends
Shopping with Daphne in Medicine Hat
Zoo Day with Gurjit and Boys


Spruce Meadows Dog Show
Dan and Daphne come up to visit
Birthday Parties
Games Nights
Our Moving Party
Moved to Lethbridge


Celebrated Canada Day
Babysat my nephew
Many Skype Dates
Began working for LA Chefs - that lasted three days before purple hair became a problem
21 Day Challenge
Brunch with Family and Friends
Trips to Calgary to visit friends
Family Pig Roast
Moved into Kevin's Aunts
Hosted many dinners
Pool Dates
Lake Visits
Dan and Daphne came and visit


Kevin got the job!
Canadian Dog Show
Baking day with friends
Kids Birthday Parties
Girls Night Pancake Party
Worked for Whoop-up Days
Trip to Calgary to Celebrate Kevin's Birthday
House Sitting
Car Accident
Doctor Appointments
Visits with Friends


Chiro appointments
Kids Birthday Parties
Donna-Lynn slept over
Skype Dates
Lunches with Friends
Meetings with Lawyers, Accountants, and Banks
Dates with old and new friends
Lots of Babysitting
Begin our trip
Visit Dan and Daphne
Trip to the border, turned around, dove to Winnipeg, drove to Thunder Bay, drove to Madison


Searching for Apartment in Madison
Rented a Car
Moved into apartment
Returned Uhaul
Had dinners at the Great Dane
Skype dates with friends
Bought and had some furniture delivered
Opened Bank Account
Started a game night with people here
Went to a Football game


Bought a car!
Got a library card
Skype Dates
Game Nights
A lot of Video Games and Netflix

Just the Two of Us


Went to two Christmas Bazaars
Explored Madison shopping
Skype Dates
Participated in Blogmas (Day 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, & 11)
Got my UniversiTee Box
Built a Book Christmas Tree
Announced Monthly Aspirations!

What's missing... my Birthday come back on the 31st for that post!

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