December Favorites
December Favorites

Oh My Gosh! It's 2016!! I am so excited for the exciting things that will be happening over the next few months. But first I want to remember all the wonders of December! Yesterday was my Birthday and I got quite the haul, as you see in the above picture! What's all up there Carnation Hot Chocolate - Thank you Cat!! Shoe Calendar - Thanks Mom!! Urban Decay Naked Palette - Thanks Kevin :) Belif facial lotion and Fresh soy scrub - gift to myself :) and the Rest free from Sephora!!

Favorite program to watch this month

Jessica Jones! I loved this show so much. I can't really write about the show. I felt so much emotion. But these bloggers say it right - Jessica Jones, or How to Make a TV Show About Trauma, Jessica Jones, or, how a show about a superpowered sleuth got real and lastly So, What do you think of "Jessica Jones"?.

Favorite photo I took this month

Our Christmas Photo! I hardly ever get Kevin in photos, but Christmas was a good enough excuse to get him on board! Also I love the reflection from the feature photo above!

Favorite piece of clothing this month

These Boots! And this Vest! The colors aren't perfect but I loved this outfit!

Favorite way I spent my time this month

Watching anime with Kevin. I should be keeping track what anime's we are watching and which ones we like but honestly it's just so freeing to just watch and not review. We also played a lot of video games, started and beat Tomb Raider (2013), then started Just Cause 2. We are taking turns with Just Cause 2 and working on the same file. Or I play and when I get frustrated or have difficulty doing something Kevin takes over!

Favorite food this month

Lemon Bars, because I LOVE lemon! I also bought pre-made meatballs and we ate them with cheesecurds and it was yummy!

Favorite drink this month

Decaffeinated Chai Tea with either milk or when available eggnog. Seriously yum! I also bought alcoholic eggnog and added that in! My current recipe is

1/4 cup Chai Tea

1 Cup Milk - divided in whatever ways work. So 2 tablespoons alcoholic eggnog, 1/2 cup eggnog and fill the rest of the cup with milk. So Yum!

Favorite event or occasion this month

I have two!! Driving around and seeing the Christmas Lights! And knocking off one item on my Wisconsin To Do List - Dining at Culvers

My cellphone died the second we walked in the door #bloggingfail, so Kevin took the pictures on his phone, which sucks... But I wanted to record the moment because Culvers came so highly recommended. Neither of us are sure what the big hype was, it's Dairy Queen with custard instead of ice cream, it has different sandwiches and we spent $20 on dinner. The staff were super friendly and the food was yummy, but it's still a fast food joint. We had a lot of fun people watching - waffle cone eaten with a spoon, a group of teenagers who kept going up for more sauce and more sauce and more sauce, that the staff finally started to charge them.

Favorite song this month

Change for you by The Midway State - I discovered them early December and have had their CD on replay for most of the month! This is just my favorite song.

Favorite thing I’ve use this month

Redken Backcombing Finishing Spray! This spray does exactly what it says, it backcombs my hair without backcombing! It holds my waves perfectly. Doesn't feel heavy and it smells great! I usually hate hairspray, but I like the smell of this!

Also these, which came in my UniversiTee Box

"Houndstooth" design from Salon Effects

Favorite people of the month

Favorite Blog

In December, on a Facebook group I am in (Grow Your Blog), I discovered Nusrat from Coffee and Sweats. And while she doesn't post very often, she had me laughing and wanting to sign up for CrossFit (while cringing at the same time!). I enjoyed reading her Christmas Post and seeing a unique perspective.


I recently found Missy Boser on Twitter and I have enjoyed her motivation!

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. -Zig Ziglar

— Missy Boser (@melissajillane) December 29, 2015

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. #comfortzone

— Missy Boser (@melissajillane) December 28, 2015


Fairy Lights & Dreams - Jaz! My partner in crime for Monthly Aspirations, coming January 4th! I am loving the photos she chose to chat about the project here and here. She has pretty images and beautiful thoughts!


Yoga with Adrienne is doing a January 30 Day Home Practice Yoga Camp. This is something I am going to attempt this month! Wish me luck!!


Cat, Caitlyn, the beautiful woman who knows me so well. My second love and my dearest friend. She got me the best birthday present. Love you girl!!

AND there's December! What was your favorites?

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