My Color Story

My Color Story
My Color Story

I have colored my hair since hair school back in 2005. But last year I went a different route and went purple. It's almost been a year of purple and I love it. It's sort of like Cards Against Humanity. The people who hate it aren't people you generally want to be friends with anyways. Purple hair is a great conversation started and a great remember to be myself. That said it is also a lot of work. For the first 8 months I was lucky that I lived close enough to my sister-in-law, that I was able to bribe her into doing the upkeep of my hair. But since we now live far away and I have yet to find a trustworthy hairdresser. I've done it myself.

A few things to start

  • I'd like to mentioned I only color my hair. I do not cut it myself, for that I see a professional.
  • I have gone to hair school and while I no longer practice, I do have enough knowledge to experiment on my own.
  • I highly recommend when dealing with bleach to see a professional. If bad things happen - best case is you have yellow bleached hair, worst case you leave it on too longer and it falls out.
  • All tips mentioned are what work for me. They might not work for you.
  • I recommend checking out The Dainty Squid and her hair posts. My favorites are Hair Master Post, 7 Tips for Maintaining Bright Hair Color, and Two Tips for Switching Hair Color Easily.
  • Consult. Either with the people you are purchasing the color from, or people who have experience with color. If you are unsure on anything, go to a Salon.

Going Purple

In December 2014 I decided to go purple. We picked up some Ink Works and just applied it over my ombre blonde.

It faded out really quickly. Was easy to hide by putting my hair in a bun. It was the perfect way to experiment with the idea of purple. We were getting married in February and because of the experiment I knew I wanted to go full color but not before the wedding. A visit to my sister-in-laws Salon, began my transition. We started by lightening my current shade, this required bleaching, toning, and washing. A few days before the wedding we did the process over again. Bringing me to the blonde you see in the right picture.

There is no way I would have done this process by myself. It requires a fast hand and a lot of checking.

Two days after the wedding I coated my entire head in Ink Works Purple.  Ink Works, is a semi permanent dye. So within a week the color began to fade and if I spent any time in the sun, began to go grey. These four pictures show fresh color and then how it looks a week to two later. I tried hard to remember to wash my hair in cold water and wash it as little as I could. But I love hot water and I hate not washing!

I began my search for a different Purple dye and in June found Pravana Vivids Violet. With Pravana, I no longer have to take cold showers. In fact, I treat my hair like I did before bright colors and have minimal fading. This picture shows about 1 month of roots and how bright the color still is!

Roots and Color

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