When was the first time you were told you were going to die?

When was the first time you were told you were going to die?

I remember it clearly. We were being babysat by an old lady and a big change was about to come to our household. She thought it okay to tell me, that if this change took place, we would all starve to death in the lonely expanse of the prairie, our souls to wander the fields never to find heaven. I promptly locked her out of the house and ignored her for many years afterwards.

She, from then, on tried a lot of bribery and for a while, I took the bribes. Her gifts came bound with a heavy burden. Through her, I learned that gifts are rarely freely given. I learned to distrust people's kindness.

She was invited to my wedding out of courtesy not want. She was visited on a road trip, a couple of months later. She has become a bitter, alone, even older lady since that time. She is a great example of a Christian woman, who I will never be.

I know so many Christian woman I would love to write about. Some are like this one, people I want to not become like in any form. Others where the religion is part of them but their kindness comes from within.

The Farm

This event is also mentioned here. The big change mentioned was our move to the farm. The above picture was taken on a random day. But the picture below was taken during my trip to the farm in 2015

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