The Clean Up and Hair Care

The Clean Up and Hair Care

Today is the last post in my Hair Series. Be sure to check out My Color Story and The Color Process. Purple hair is so much fun to have! I think everyone should have a fun hair color at least once in their lives! But with the color comes a lot of work. And after two posts tell you my story and the process it's time to talk about the negative aspects of Purple Hair.

In general I don't find many negatives. I've had a few people shoo their children away telling them I was the devil and blah blah blah (small town living). I occasionally get odd looks. But I have found that most of the people who comment fall into one of two categories.

  1. They love it, wish they could do it, want to touch it, etc. These are generally people I could be friends with.
  2. They are conservative and don't negate away from conservative living... aka people who forget to be nice human beings.

It’s sort of like Cards Against Humanity. The people who hate it aren’t people you generally want to be friends with anyways. Purple hair is a great conversation started and a great remember to be myself.

But with the purple comes this

The Bathtub

Cleaning up the Purple

And with every shower, I leak purple. This was extremely difficult over the summer months when we lived in three different houses and then when travelling and staying at hotels. There's nothing liking hoping out of a shower, feeling sparkling clean and then realizing you now have to clean said shower...

When I was in Canada I used Vim Creme and later Vim Spray. I would spray the shower, let it soak for a minute, rinse it off with hot water, spray more Vim and then scrub. It was frustrating. And honestly had me debating the purple color thing.

Since we've moved to the States, I've discovered Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bleach. This shit is the BOMB! Turn on the bathroom fan, cover the shower surface walk away for ten minutes, come back and rinse off. No residue, no scrubbing! The best part is the process isn't after every shower, it's once a month!

A huge part of me is frustrated with the chemicals I have to use to clean the shower. Both products are something I am highly allergic too, I wear gloves and wash immediately if it touches me. I would love to use something natural like I do with the rest of my cleaning products. But the fact is, hair dye is not natural and if I'm not willing to give it up then I have to live with the consequences and use products that work.

These products might not work for everyone or every shower. Be aware of what your shower is made of, tile, plastic, ceramic - it can change what you use.

Keeping My Hair Healthy

When dealing with your hair, you want to keep it healthy. When my blow dryer died I decided to not replace it. Bleaching hair, then heat drying it, then curling it is very damaging. Removing one step for me is one way of keeping it healthy. Not curling wasn't an option so the blow dryer had to go.

Products I use

Shampoo - Pravana Vivid Shampoo, I feel like I use a ton of this shampoo when I wash my hair but that bottle lasts me three months! I use to go through a litre of shampoo in three months, so that is pretty awesome!

Conditioner - Pravana Vivid Conditioner, I am not a huge fan of this conditioner. But I only use it twice a week and it works well enough.

DeepConditioner - Miracle 7 Silk Deep Conditioner and Heavenly Healer Deep Conditioner. I mix these two. At first when the idea was suggested to me, I said I was way to lazy. But the girl said it was worth it so I bought them. I've used both on their own and like them both better as a conditioner than the Pravana. But together these two are a miracle!

Other - Redken Extreme Cat. I am so undecided on this product. Two months ago I loved it, made my hair feel thicker. Now I feel like my hair falls out more when I use it. I am not sure if I used it to often that my hair was overloaded with protein or what. But I have stopped using it for the moment and will probably try it again in a month or two.

Pravana Vivids ChromaSilk Color Protect Sealing Spray. I am not sure if this helps with my color or not. But what I do notice is that it makes my hair heavy if I apply it when dry. And no matter when I apply it my hair seems to get dirtier and heavier faster with it in. If I don't spray this in after a shower I can go a full three days without washing my hair or having it feel heavy. But if I do, I can barely last to day two.

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel. I love these little towels!! No more massive towel head wrappings! And it actually absorbs the moisture!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I have been using this product since I worked in my second salon back in 2006. The salon sold lots of Paul Mitchell products and I feel in love with this serum. I like it better than Moroccan oil mainly due to the lack of smell. Otherwise I would put it on the same field as Moroccan oil. It smooths my hair, makes it easier to brush, and doesn't feel heavy.


And with that, you know every aspect of my Purple Hair! I hope you enjoyed this series, please feel free to send me a message with any questions or leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you use or do to take care of your hair!

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