Just One Card

Just One Card

I received a Christmas Card. The writing on the envelope stopped me short and had me on the floor. I gave it to Kevin and walked away. He pulled it out and put it with the rest of our cards at Christmas time. But there was more in the envelope, he put the rest on his desk and told me to leave it for a day I felt I could handle it. That card stood on our counter for two days before I added it to the envelope on his desk. I didn't open it, I just put it away. My heart was racing and I took a shower following. My post for last week explains that I am not over this person. They still have a lot of power in my life. I hate that. I hate them. I hate that they are warping the minds of others against me. I hate that they are trying to wipe out my story. Kevin says it's like I am going through the 5 stages of grief. I say that's unfair to those that have truly lost someone. I have just broken up with a vulnerable narcissist.

But here I am at the stage of anger.

I hate this stage. I don't want anger. This past year has been filled with me learning how to overcome and deal with anger. It's weird having the freedom to share what I've been writing and going through. I really want to focus on something else. I need to focus on something else. I fill my days with blogging, reading, working out and new friends. But I am still missing something.

February is coming and I have exciting things to share. Now to just work through it all and get there.

How do you deal with anger?

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