February Monthly Aspirations

Welcome to month two of Monthly Aspirations! A monthly link up hosted by Jazmine from Fairy Lights & Dreams and myself! Link-up with us below! Last month I recapped my overall goals for all of 2016. Today I want to do a quick recap of January's Personal Challenges and talk about how I am going to plan my February!

January's Personal Challenges

I am also challenging myself to take 5,000 steps 5 days a week. I need to get moving more and having a personal challenge should help! (I hope!)

I am also participating in Yoga Camp 30 Day Challenge. I hope I am not taking too much on. But fitness was a huge part of my life 3 plus years ago and it needs to become that again. I miss the happy feeling of my skin.

How did I do?

Total Step Count: Semi fail - why?? In the month of January I hit 132,772 steps! My goal was 5000 steps 5 days a week all month which equals 100,000 steps. So according to that I have 32,772 steps over my goals! BUT I did not hit 5000 per day! In fact when I record my steps I missed hitting 5000 on 14 days.

Yoga 30 Day:30 freaking day completed! I am so happy!! Also Kevin joined me for 19 of those days and will be continuing with me into February!

February Aspirations

February Challenges

With the help of these lovely worksheets and pencils from UniversiTee Box. Not only do I have my goals on the cutest paper but I have a "Goal Digger" Shirt and a fancy necklace! I think I'll be hanging the worksheets on my bathroom mirror, so I see at least twice a day.

The worksheet has your goals broken down into two parts

Personal Goals

  1. Continue with 30 day Yoga - yup I'm doing it again! Thank god for the beautiful Adriene.
  2. Hit 140,000 steps. Adjusting this from last month, instead of a daily goal amount lets just do a monthly goal of steps!
  3. Eat only 1 sugary item per day - I use to do this. I need to do it again. It's not that I want to limit myself, but more that I need to remember to eat actual food too.
  4. Find a good tea - I have loved sitting in front of my fireplace and having a hot drink. But I have nothing good to drink! Any recommendations??

Work Goals

  1. Update book blog for past year
  2. Cook and document two new meals
  3. Finish February Post Prep
  4. Start planning March posts
February Monthly Aspirations

Featured Blogger from January

I'd like to thank everyone for joining us last month! I loved reading all the posts and seeing the unique perspectives!

Today I'd like to mention Brittany from The Kardia Blog. She makes a great point about how New Year's Resolutions never hold past a quarter and instead she has chosen a word to live her year by. I love the idea of choosing a word for your year. I'm usually too full of words to just pick one. So I tend to set small goals to build over, hence Monthly Aspirations. Brittany however has written an amazing piece on Serenity


This word is calling me to step away. Breathe. Focus. Take time to choose

January Aspirations-2

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