Ten Years

Ten years ago we went on our first date. I wore a sparkle black skirt and a sparkle green halter and he wore a suit. We went to the Water Tower and had our first 'fancy' meal ever. He paid with his tax return. I had spaghetti and he had salmon. It was awkward and strange. After three months of great long nights of chatting and enjoying each others company, this date was weird. We learned quickly we don't work like 'normal' people. Our idea of romance is unique, rarely heard of and people don't get it. That's cool though, because it's not about others, it's about us.

Two years ago this boy, grown into a man asked me to marry him. We went on a fancy date. I wore a turquoise dress and he wore a suit. We had 7 courses and lots of wine. There was a proposal, a limo ride, tears, and lots of smiles. It was beautiful and amazing. The awkwardness was gone. We are two peas in a pod happily encased with each other.

One year ago, we tied the knot. Spend the entire day celebrating with family and friends.

Mr and Me - Vancouver

I am looking forward to this years adventure!

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