How did I fall in Love?
How did I fall in Love?

I didn't know it happened. It took a friend telling me, that you shouldn't say "I love you" to anyone you weren't willing to spend the rest of your life with, no matter what their condition became. Rich, poor, quadriplegic or six-pack. Suddenly I found myself in a relationship the complete opposite of any I had ever seen. Not only was it not a relationship I was expecting, but it was quickly becoming something I couldn't live without. I grew up with relationships where husbands worked their asses off, and wives returned the favor by trash talking about them. To husbands who came home and if food wasn't ready within 10 minutes of his arrival, whether he was ready for it or not went on screaming rages. To couples who presented one front to the public and another behind closed doors. Or presented a joint front when together but disagreed when separated. Among many other things. My greatest desire is to have a healthy relationship reflecting none of those traits. But how do you do that? Especially when you don't know what a good relationship looks like.

Someone I was talking to the other night mentioned how she hated it when girls took on the traits of their husbands and lost themselves in becoming what he wanted. And two minutes later she did exactly that. I've realized that in my ten-year relationship, I have grown and changed as a human being but I am not Kevin. I've also been told by someone, that he thought of us as one person. His reasoning was we were always together on everything.

Not only do our current and future goals aligned, where we stand on politics, religion, life align. So there is little, to no issues that we aren't united on. But I am still my own person. Before Kevin, I loved to play games, now I just do it a little more. Before Kevin, I loved to read and I also do that a little more. I also have always loved to write and now have the freedom and ability to write. We are one and the same but we have, in my mind, enhanced the good traits that were already there.

I fell in love at a time where I wanted nothing more than to disappear. Today I couldn't be happier than where I am. And honestly this post words all of this so much better.

This Giving Gratitude is another beautiful post, it's a great view into the mind and how family doesn't always know you and then someone comes along.

P.S. I don't know if this post actually answer the question in the title.... If you did, how did you fall in love?

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