House Tour - My Bathroom
House Tour - My Bathroom

I am so excited about to finally be writing this post. I love house tours and I am in love with my house! If you don't know, we move to a new country, bring with us one small UHual filled with our favorite clothes, some minor furniture and a lot of books and games. As such we found our apartment and filled it with nothing. After 5 months I feel I have filled parts of the house with enough to share it with you. The first being one of my favorite rooms

My Bathroom!

If that seems silly to you, then I'll explain. I have always shared a bathroom. Growing up it was 1 bathroom with just a shower for 6 people. It had two doors, neither of which locked. It sucked. Then I shared a bathroom with my grandparents, then roommates and then with Kevin. Sharing a bathroom with Kevin is totally fine, we just learned to not brush our teeth at the same time! This apartment has TWO bathrooms. And I immediately claimed the master bedroom one for myself!

We decided to stick with the grey and black theme of our towels, because they are good quality and I don't want to replace them. We found two bath mats and a shower curtain in the perfect colors at target, as well as the soap and tooth-brush holder and mirror.

The best part about having a bathroom to myself, is the ability to spread out all my stuff.

I have yet to figure out a good way to organize under the sink, which is why it's not pictured. I am thinking I need to get some mini shelves to put under there. But it's fully of hair and nail supplies!

After we got the basics for the bathroom, I started looking for things for the wall and found this little unit. It is perfect for storing my palettes and favorite makeup.

My Pretty Bathroom
My Pretty Bathroom

Next I found a basket for all the items I have to hand wash. I hate hand washing, but some things you just have to do. It's super nice having a tub to wash them in and a place to toss them when dirty.

Lastly I found these adorable picture frames. Hopefully they will do well with steam. But I love what they say and though I would have preferred the "u's" to have been silver, I think the gold works well and adds a little something. I am super happy with how it's turned out.

My Pretty Bathroom

And now if you have a moment, I have questions!

The bathroom needs a plant... what kind of plant do you put in a bathroom??

How do you organized under the sink?

And should I put anything above the toilet and towel rack? (like a picture or shelves... maybe a shelf with a plant)

Where I found everything

Bath mat, shower curtain, soap and tooth-brush holder, mirror and basket found at Target
Plastic Shelving unit on Amazon
Picture Frames found Homegoods
Towels were a gift 6 or 7 years ago

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