House Tour - Master Bedroom

The first room in the house that felt finished was the bedroom. The irony in this, is I say that while there is almost nothing on the walls. The reason though that it felt finish first is because it had furniture in it right away. The biggest things we brought with us from Canada was the furniture in this room. So everything else needed to finish the room was odds and ends - aka decorations. We started with pillows, curtains and lamps. Then we spent the money and got our guest book framed. Added a plant. And Voila! It's complete for now!

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Eventually I would like to new end tables, a unique head board and one dresser instead of two chest of drawers. But to be honest this room is complete enough that I'll finish other rooms first before coming back to this one. Though if you do have any ideas on what to add, I'd love to hear them!!

If you have a moment some questions!

Do you think adding a textured wall would be too much? (something like this)

Where I found everything

Furniture - Ikea over 5 years ago Lamps, (unseen)
Heated mattress pad - Target
Curtains, comforter, pillows - Kohls
Rosemary Plant - Woodmans
Jewelry box 1 - made by my sister
Jewelry box 2 - gift from Kevin's Mom
Candle - company in Canada
Art - Our wedding guest book in custom frame from Michaels (let me know if you want a close up)

This image here, is my favorite so far. Here though the bed frame isn't even set up yet (we were missing two pieces to put it together). So the mattress was on the floor and I just took a selfie.


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