Interesting Things About The States So Far Part 2

Interesting Things About The States So Far Part 2

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Soda Vs. Pop

Soda is for old school carbonated drinks. Pop is the crap we have now-a-days.

Apparently this really depends on where you grew up. I have a friend in Chicago, she grew up with the word pop but her kids call it soda.

Grocery Stores

They sell booze, but not after 9pm. Why do I always want vodka after 9pm!

Woodmans is an awesome store!! We spent $55 on booze and that would have cost us close to $200 in Canada. Also groceries, I leave via my under ground parking, get to the store and park twenty feet from the door. If it's cold enough out I get my groceries leave them inside, pull the car up and someone else loads my car. I don't have to be in the cold anymore!! But I feel so guilty for the poor dude loading the car.



Everyone rolls through every stop, unless a cop is present.

Everyone goes 10% faster than the speed limit.

Maybe you wash your car in the summer, but generally seems like a waster of money.

Lights everywhere, every road is lit up except the highways, but even that's a sometimes. 

Crap parking all the bloody time. Gotta love the person who loves their car so much they have to take 4 spots. 

Sand, sand and sand. Oh and screw parking lots, does not matter if they are public or private.


Everyone comes to a full stop at stop signs and sits there far too long. 

Everyone goes ten or twenty miles over the speed limit.

Washing cars - rain, snow, sunshine once a week that car is washed. I don't get it.

Street lights do not exists. It is so strange driving streets in town and having it highway dark.

Parking lots are angle parking and it's a beautiful thing! Why don't all parking lots do this

Salt and plows every single road, including private parking lots. Also no one knows how to drive in the snow. 



Talenti Gelato

Brand Specific on this one. We've tried Salted Caramel, which was super strong and delicious and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which I hated, too watery. The Raspberry is delicious! We also have  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup sitting in the freezer. There is a lot of gelato in the freezer, also these buggers are expensive, but we have such a small scoop that I don't feel bad about it.


American bacon is made from the belly on the pig. Canadian bacon is made from the back. American is fatty and excessive. Canadian is thick sliced is perfect and not overly greasy. I miss it.


American is a lemon lime sprite. Canada just has sprite no limes or lemons. It's wonderful add to flavor with vodka. But the American sprite is not something I can drink. 


You order a burger in Canada, you get a burger. Here you have to choose how you want it cooked, like you would with a steak. Thanks but I want my burger cooked! Why is that even an option?


Miles Vs Kilometers (not sure which I like better)
Fahrenheit vs Celsius (Celsius at least follows logic)
School Zones (I liked Calgary's idea of school zones)
Roundabouts vs Traffic Circles (WHHHHY)

Important Things to Me

Wisconsin got a D Grade on Reproductive Rights. WTF

Canadian Slang - I knew all but three. 

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