February Favorites
February Favorites

Favorite program to watch this month

It's not a program, instead it's a movie. One evening when Kevin and I were just lounging, I pulled up an old favorite Chocolate. It's been years since I've rewatched it, I use to watch it monthly. This movie is so surprising and unique. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

Favorite photo I took this month

I have a few this month... all selfies

Favorite piece of clothing this month

These DIY tights!

I just took an old pair of tights, sliced so strips into them and VOILA, no pants!

Favorite way I spent my time this month

Kevin and I started playing an MMO - Final  XIV: A Realm Reborn. If you play let me know. My character is Namine Mai (I name most of my characters this), she is of the Miqo'te race, from the Seeker of the Sun Clan. She is an Archer, fighting creatures in the Siren World. Her Guardian is Uschon - the Wanderer. She has pastel pink hair, eyebrows, freckles and tail. And for the moment I love her.

Favorite food this month

This recipe, seriously yum!

Favorite event or occasion this month

You can read all about it here! It was our ten-year anniversary February 3rd and we had a beautiful evening together.

Favorite song this month

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. I've had their whole album Blurryface on all month. But when stressed out comes on, I just can't help but stop what I'm doing and rap along.

Favorite thing I’ve use this month

Favorite people of the month

Favorite Blog

OhChel! I wish this girl lived closer! Because I think we would be great friends. We connect on a lot of core things and her comments and words are always so encouraging to me and I look forward to all her posts.






I just discovered TheSorryGirls. I totally want to do this for my bedroom. I also really love this, I would do it in silver, but Kevin hates it. I also don't know where I would put it :)

I want to do this DIY Ticket Box and DIY Corkboard World Map. Will see if that happens...



Honestly all the people, on the blog's facebook page who commented on this post. Made me cry and gave me the boost I needed.

Seriously I am so blessed!!

What are you favorites?

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