March Monthly Aspirations

March Monthly Aspirations

Welcome to month three of Monthly Aspirations! A monthly link up hosted by Jazmine from Fairy Lights & Dreams and myself! Link-up with us below!

Recap of February Goals


Continue with 30 day Yoga – SUCCESS to the fullest! I am looking my yoga! Today is day 68 of yoga! Hit 140,000 steps - fail. To be honest I stopped wearing my garmin. The only thing I wear consistently is my earrings and that's because they are sleepers. Otherwise I very rarely wear jewelry . I also just don't leave the house very often. Eat only 1 sugary item per day – FAIL - I made cupcakes, then using the same recipe I made cake. Then I ate all of it. Find a good tea – Thank you for everyone's suggestions! What I really needed to do was go to Teavanna and get some, instead I went to Woodmans and I got Celestial Caramel Apple. It's yummy.

Monthly Aspirations

Update book blog for past year - It's updated and this blog is LIVE!! I have taken two things I am passionate about and combine them to one little space, Food and Books!! Cook and document two new meals - FAIL, only one Sunny Yellow Squash and Potato Gratin and I made that twice, with enough for leftovers and it was so yummy that's basically all I ate all month. Finish February Post Prep - success!! I actually finished my February Blog Posts on February 12. I had the whole month scheduled and then I sat for a week not sure what to do. I was all wrote out. And then I took a photo and March started! Start planning March posts - Success! I have moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and it makes me so happy!

March Goals


22 more days of yoga - so close to 90 days!! Complete the 21 Day Workout Challenge Complete the 21 Day Eating Challenge, like I did in August. On a warm day brave the university campus.


Finish scheduling March and start April Create a game plan for social media Grow

Featured Blogger from February

Thank you for participating with us last month! I loved all your posts, this one however stuck with me. Probably because she's become friend. Chel from Oh Chel is my featured blogger for the month. Including prepping for her up coming honeymoon!! She has the cutest puppy and the sweetest husband and I've enjoyed getting to know her! Be sure to check out here blog, Oh Chel!


Monthly Aspiration Link-up happens the first Monday of every month! It is a place to share what you wish to accomplish each month and stay accountable. Our goal with this link up is to support, encourage, and motivate.

When we link up again on the first Monday of the next month we will highlight our favorite goals shared by you! And if you accomplished something you’re proud of whether it was in your goal post or not let us know, via any media platform. We’d love to hear the progress of all your goals and how you’re staying accountable for them.

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