Welcome to a day of eating in the life of Angela

Welcome to a day of eating in the life of Angela


Breakfast started off good with half a cup of dry cottage cheese with a little salt. And it was downhill from there. Lunch zucchini potato recipe and chocolate cake, then snacks of apple sauce and two bowls of marshmallows Supper was a half bowl of marshmallows. I couldn't eat it even though I was starving. Ended the night with another apple sauce.


A cup of hot chocolate to get me started. An hour or two later an orange with marshmallows for a side. Then a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and later still a bag of brussel sprouts.



Half Cup of dry cottage cheese, then an adventure out of the house. Hot Coco from Dragon Cafe followed by lunch from Kevin's work. A granola bar and the more brussel sprouts.


I go grocery shopping, which should have been a great start to the day. Except the Easter Candy is out and I buy a bug a marshmallow bunnies. That's breakfast and lunch and by three in the afternoon there's one left in the bag and my migraine is growing. I've had half a bottle of water and the evening is looking long. I haven't felt this much head pain in months. I wanna cry and never eat food again.

I purge it and it pours out my throat and down the toilet and I've lost.

I make taco's for the guys. I eat half of one and spend the evening curled up on the couch watching 30Rock while the guys work. I can't cry there's people over. I can't cut Kevin's here. I can't release, so I sit there and scream inside. Scream and scream.

Our guests go home and the tears pour down before the door is even closed on their backs. I'm held in the tightest grasp. He doesn't understand or know what's happening, but he doesn't leave and I wake up the next day, ready to try again.



Half a pomegranate, a bowl of marshmallows and some tea. 

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