House Tour - The Dining Room

Welcome to my Dining Room This room is far from finished. But it's workable and that's all that matters.

House Tour - The Dining Room


I'd like to talk about carpet. Carpet in the dining room is terrible and evil. I feel like I need to vacuum every time we eat. I also feel like it never comes clean and while we have been lucky so far. What happens when someone spills juice on it?? I want to get a rug, something like a heavy jute rug that's big enough to cover this whole area but decently priced. That way the rug with be easy to wipe down and there will be no more yucky carpet.


Our table is plastic collapsible folding table. We got it years ago to play games on in our old apartment, so that it wouldn't take up room. But in this house. It's so much better laid out so we aren't pulling it in an out all the time. We definitely need a new table but this works. And I'd rather buy benches for along the wall then a new table for the moment. It's easy to clean and functions well for our use. Unless I find an extremely amazing deal on a table I won't be replacing this soon.

We had to be careful with the placement of the table to the couch as well as the table to the kitchen island. We needed to make sure there was enough room all around. And I think we've finally found that sweet spot. It gets tight when we have a full house around the table. But there is some many pathway options that it doesn't actually matter. I love the set up!


The walls, this is the biggest reason we want to get a bench. The walls are getting damaged from the chairs moving in and out all the time. And speaking of walls, is art work. We haven't really done much with the walls besides put up a corner shelf for one plant and hang my fan from Cuba. The big wall definitely needs something I am thinking of a massive World Map. But I don't want a traditional one and I haven't fully decided. I've seen some unique maps made of cork board that you can DIY. But I am not sure if it's what I want or if I want a canvas map.


Do you know where to kind good cheap rugs? Or very long benches??

Where I found everything

Table - Costco purchase Charis - from a friend Corner Shelve and plant - Target Fan - Cuba Flowers - Woodmans Vase - no idea Center Piece - from our wedding Tablecloth - gift from family Wood on table - came with our bookshelves and I liked the look of them so I kept them

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