What's In My...

What's In My...
makeup drawer

I got this idea from Rachelleea. She's created a few videos with topics like  What's In My Fridge and What's in My Shower. And it's not that I want to copy her idea. I liked it and wanted to bring something happy back to my blog. So that brings me too

What's In My Makeup Drawer

Since writing about my bathroom and then sharing my samples collection I've wanted to talk about what's in these drawers!! You can see what my bathroom looks like here. And in that post you can see what the drawers original looked like. Since then I've made some changes. The first thing I want to show you isn't actually in a drawer. It's on my wall.

I got this holder on amazon. I kinda wish I had gotten a wider one. But this works for my purposes.

Top Shelf

Mirabella Skin Tint Creme - my foundation. I don't wear foundation a lot and this color is good for when I am not tanned. Benefit Bigger Than BB BIG Easy - my summer color and for high humidity days. It's light and covers just enough for me. Too Faced No Makeup Makeup - My highlighter, light bronzer, and favorite blush. I love this palette! Derma e BB Creme - I got this in an ipsy bag last year. It's heavier than the Benefit but I find works better on dry days.

Second Shelf

Color Control CC Cream from Face it - Korean Brand. Works great when I have highly moisturized skin otherwise tends to look cakey on me. Artistry Highlighter - for high glow days. Too Facebook Chocolate Bronzer - darker bronzer used mainly on my check bones. I LOVE this product, the smell is amazing! Laura Mercier Under Eye Coverage - some days I love this, others not so much. I hate applying makeup with my fingers and this product is used best when warmed up on the finger. Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Primer - I find using this I tend to get creases on my shadow more often but on the other side my eye shadow doesn't rub off when I rub my eyes. It Cosmetics Under Eye Coverage - it's too dark for me but I have used it under full foundation for spot coverage and it blended well.

Third Shelf

Too Faced Chocolate Bar - LOVE Naked Two Palette - LOVE Sample Red Nail Polish - only sits there because I love the packaging I have yet to use it. BareMinerals Purple Eye Shadows - super pretty.

Last Shelf

All my lip stuff. You've got MAC, Clinque, Makeup Forever, Buxom, NYX, Butter and Nars products. They are all just mixed in together. The only odd thing in here is my Tea Tree oil that I use on my nails.

Now for my two drawers

This drawer is on the right side of the sink when you walk into my bathroom. It's also the first drawer I open in the morning. After brushing my teeth and washing my face. I brush my hair, put on deodorant and contacts. Something I've discovered since moving to the states is that my brand of deodorant is hard to find. In fact I've had to branch out and try another brand. Something I haven't done since I was a teen. The perfume is Fresh Strawberries and is one of my favorites. Though I wear perfume is little that this bottle is two years old and I have no idea if they still sell it. 

This is my everything drawer and what usually ends up the messiest first. It holds all my daily use, plus my refills and samples. This is also the drawer with the biggest changes. I no longer store my makeup brushes in here. I've placed them on the counter. In the basket is

A face shaver - I don't shave my face per say but there are trouble areas I use this one. Let me know if you have any questions on it. Makeup brush - it's set aside to be used with the tea tree oil mentioned earlier for my nails. Aloe Soothing Night Cream - that's mixed with SPF and I use only in the summer Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial - this is my new face cream and I love it!! Sephora Mascara - sample wand, definitely won't buy this mascara but free is free. Lacome White Mascara Primer - At first I didn't get the point of this and then I started using the Sephora Mascara. It makes a difference but when using Better Than Sex or Urban Decay Mascaras it was pointless and just annoying extra step. My tweezers and a lip brush Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil - I only use this on days when my skin is screaming for moisture, usually after a rough night of no sleep.

There is also the Sephora Brush Cleaner (love their new formula) and samples I still haven't used. Inside the bags are a variety of things.

Green - all my samples Orange - all my lipglosses. Buxom is my favorite and I bought a stash of them in December as you can see from the feature photo. I am currently missing two, one I used up and other other is in the car. At this point I probably will stop buying other kinds of lipglosses and stick to these. Turquoise - all my lipliners and lipsticks that won't fit on the shelving unit. There's also a brow mascara in there. Black flowered - eyeliners, my newest one being the nyx white inner corner jumbo pencil! Love this pencil.

Look out for another "What's in my..." next Monday!

And if you have a moment, tell me what's in your makeup drawer? Or if you have tried any of these products (do you have a comparable lipgloss?)? XOXO

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