House Tour - The Kitchen
House Tour - My Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! I spend a lot of time here. Most of that time is spent cleaning up messes I make in efforts to make yummy things. And as such I thought to take you through that journey today. To start cleaning, I take everything off the counters and completely organize all cupboards. The picture above is where I start originally. After everything is organized I wipe down the counters and anything whose home is on the counters. This is a daily if not twice daily task. It's usually my least favorite job but definitely the most rewarding. 

Once I week I also empty the fridge, clean all the contents and the inside of the fridge. Then I use windex to wipe down all the appliances to remove finger marks. Stainless steel appliances are annoying and amazing. I love the look of them but these are a pain to clean. I am not sure if it's due to their cheapness but grrrrrr.

House Tour - My Kitchen

The sink is scrubbed with dish soap and a melt scrubber. It also has a graburator (Canadian term) or garbage disposal (US term), which is totally new to me. I am still learning what I can put down it and I've had nightmares about losing my rings down it, so I tend to not wear my rings in the kitchen.  

And there we go, my kitchen! It's small, but bigger than what we use to have. That said, something you might notice is the color difference from my very original house post and whatever other pictures I've taken of the kitchen. I hate the color of the cupboards and counter tops. So I leech all the color out of them for my photos.

House Tour - My Kitchen

Stay tune, on Friday I'm writing a What's Not In My Kitchen! Happy Hump Day!

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