What's NOT In My Kitchen

This is the first time I have ever had an almost perfect kitchen. Almost perfect in the sense that for the first time in my life I find myself in a kitchen that's close to what I would like in reality. The only other kitchen I know that's better than this is Kevin's parents house, which they designed and built themselves, so it's no surprise that I love that kitchen. One day I'll have a kitchen like that. But for now I have this bright and airy space and it's what I will work with.  I would like to do the following things to this kitchen to make it a tad bit better.

  • add a net above the sink under the light to hold fruit or such things.

  • add a pantry, opposite side of the counter close to the door

  • add some color under the island to cover the scuff marks.

  • get more things off the counters - spice rack, toaster, etc.

  • plants - along the top of the cupboards, dozens and dozens preferably fake and big.

  • figure out a good storage system for spices. I'm leaning towards a pull out basket with labels on the lids that I can slid in an out as needed.

  • a food processor or blender. Definitely not getting this until I have more storage availability, but I may consider getting a mini one when the time is right.

What would you do to the kitchen??

House Tour - Kitchen

EDIT: I know it seems like there's lots of space, but it's actually smaller than my previous kitchen because of cupboard size. The cupboards barely fit my large plates, so they aren't very deep, and the shelves are at weird angles making it hard to fit things. Which is why I need the pantry.

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