House Tour - Entry Way

The Entry Way is my least favorite part of the house. But we aren't there very often and I am trying to make it a brighter place. It just won't be work until a few things are replaced. Obviously the first thing you notice is the shoe rack or plastic moving boxes stacked up and used as a shoe rack. It's slowly sliding apart and needs to be replaced and while I have one in mind, from Ikea. I haven't wanted to waste the funds on it, plus I am undecided if we need one or two. What it really comes down too though, is functionality. The area might not be perfect but it's functional and that's all I need.

House Tour - Entry Way

Inside the closet we have a working shoe hanger thing that tends to fall off at the worst times.

For our keys we have this amazing dragon from Jeremy, Kevin's best man in our wedding. He welded it and this dragon is seriously awesome.

And the third picture in this line is the view from the living room. You can see my chalkboard wall better here. The table is what we use to use in the dining room but re-purposed here to help store items. Ideally I would like this spot to become our pantry. In due time that will happen.

House Tour - Entry Way

And lastly my favorite piece of the room, is this piece of art made by Cat, my maid of honor. I originally had it in the living room where our maps now are, but moved it due to the sun exposure. Sun is so hard on pictures and I want this canvas to last a long time! It brightens up this little corner and I love that two main focus things in this area come from people who love us. 

My question to you, is what would you do with this space??

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