May Aspirations

April Showers bring May Flowers! I am excited for this month. I am doing a few things personally and while they are expensive I think will be worth every penny. You'll hear more about those on Wednesday post! For today it's the monthly link up with Jazmine from Fairy Lights & Dreams and we are recapping April and discuss May goals!!

April Goal Recap


Double workouts for the entire month – Daily Yoga and 21 Day Workout DVDs - semi successful. see here. Read through Skinny Bitch Recipe Book and Vegartianism for Dummies - didn't read... but I need too! Make healthier eating choices - I don't always make the healthiest choices, but I am tracking what I am eating on Fitness Pal and I'm getting there! Work on my sleep health - did mostly good. It's a process, seeing the doctor helped.


Network more - yes. I participated more, I just need to make it consistent. Chat with my followers on twitter - yes. I'm terrible at conversation, but it's getting better. Now I just need to talk to more than two or three people. Link Instagram photos with Posting Blog Post - progress being made!! Photo Background Creation - success! Until my blog crashed and ruined all my work.

Goals for May


Go for a bike ride. Double Workouts - workout DVD, Yoga and something with Kevin. I need to move more! Successful complete a 30 day no sugar challenge. Rules allow for one cheat a week. Be better at meal planning. Read MORE!!


Network - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Build, Build, Build! Redesign blog space - you probably won't notice many changes, but I am trying to build some background things to be more user-friendly. Post on Food/Book blog.

May Aspirations

Those are my goals and I would love to hear yours! Link up with Jazmine and I below or leave a comment. We are working hard to create a community of bloggers encouraging each other and would love for you to be a part of that!

Fairy Lights & Dreams and The Clutter Box Monthly Aspirations
Fairy Lights & Dreams and The Clutter Box Monthly Aspirations

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