Monthly Money Check-In

Monthly Money Check-In

Canadian Debt

Anyone know anyone to hire me as a personal assistant?? I don't wanna work but paying off debt is so important and I need to get it out of the way!! (I can't work until my visa changes anyways.. so it doesn't matter)



We didn't actually do much that I can write about. I started planning a few things for future projects and made purchases for getting those done. But I can't share any of that until October/November!! It's so hard to keep a secret sometimes.

We did buy a world map that I need to get framed. As well as some back-splash for my kitchen island.

Monthly Money Check-In


Shoe Rack Kitchen Bench Pantry Food Processor Crockpot


The bikes and plants (I need greenery!!) AND that leads me to my splurge. I need flowers! In Canada I could get beautiful bouquets for under $5. Here I can't even get half of that for under $10. So I started looking at monthly flower subscriptions. While this is still in discussion mode, if the farmers market can't met my expectations I will be ordering this. Plants I am thinking of getting include golden cane palm, emerald green, philodendron, white bird of paradise, white butterfly, ferns, lemon tree, fiddle leaf fig and ivy. Actually just watch this Youtube video and you'll understand what I am craving.

I am also buying the MAKE blog template. I LOVE my blog template. But there are a few things I really want to do and haven't been able to find that in a new template. Buying the full version of this template is expensive but it's fully adjustable and has videos to show me everything, plus I get access to people who can walk me through a few things.


Last month I mentioned that the savings would be partial spent. But then Kevin's work trip got cancelled. So now it's just savings. He still has to travel 9 days this year and as such we hope to keep building this up.


No cooking classes for me. I just can't justify the cost. But other things are in the works so maybe.

How are your finances going??

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