April Favorites

Favorite photo I took this month

The feature photo is my favorite for this month. It's not a great photo. I look exhausted, I took this literally right after rolling out of bed. I like it because it shows truth. It shows me tried, clear skinned and starting the day with a positive note.

Favorite program to watch this month

West Wing. I have watched a lot of it. Too the point that when having a discussion with Kevin, he said I was copying their style of discussion and was following very logically paths. Which also meant I made my point very well and he lost :)

Favorite piece of clothing this month

The shirt from this post, is my current favorite piece of clothing. It is comfy, light and great to wear. I also love that I've found something like this. Finding cute tops when you have boobs is difficult.

Favorite way I spent my time this month

Honestly this is a hard one for me. Between the concussion, the doctor and the migraines, I spent a lot of the month on the couch. I am so thankful I wasn't working because I'm not sure that would have been possible.

Favorite food this month

April Favorites

This yummy Lemon Curd, seriously delicious. I haven't put it on anything. But when I have a crazy sugar craving I have a 1/2 tsp of this and it helps.

Favorite drink this month

April Favorites

I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but I am loving these drinks! (that said both the orange colored drinks had mango in it... boo)

Favorite event or occasion this month

D&D. While adventuring my character Gunnie, who is a blundering barbarian saw a statue with a large purple stone. Excited she raced up to the statue and pulled the stone out. The result was her turning into a Ochre Jelly. After attacking a teammates horse, my team decides to attack and kill the transformed creature. As the Ochre Jelly is trampled to death by the horse, it transforms back into Gunnie! Gunnie after receiving a hoof to the face, stands up and holds her stone proud! Having no memory of the transformation, Gunnie is just excited to have the stone and ignores the horse! And that was my night.

Later on that night I play Tic-Tac-Toe against a giant and won with an intelligence roll. He was very angry about this and the battle began.

Favorite song this month

I have listened to a bunch of music this month. From Hamilton an American Musical, to Watsky (favorite song is Hey, Asshole), to Nate Ruess (favorite Nothing Without Love and Headlights).

Favorite thing I’ve use this month

Might be a weird one but I love my Chrome Caster. I can cast whatever I need onto the TV from the convenience of my phone. It can control volume and the quality is good. Makes life a little too easy!

Favorite people of the month

Favorite Blog

Wings for Liberty - I love her style, her pink hair and her writing. She has some great posts. This post she is wearing the most beautiful dress.

My favorite posts are

How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking How to Look Good at the Gym


Jasmine from csandsblog - I've had twitter conversations with her and she shares lots of good posts. I enjoy her content overall. Plus her makeup is always on par! I wish she could teach me how to get such beautiful eyes!


Lucy Lifestyle - I love her aesthetic and yoga poses. Though I prefer images without filters, it works for her.


Two this month and it's all due to Coachella. Two bloggers I follow collaborated together and with another and created lookbooks while at Coachella. I really enjoyed how they did both videos. So we've got Vivianna Does Makeup and Samantha Marie. Also as I am writing this I am realizing how many British Vloggers I follow!

Happy Monday! What are your favorites?!?

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