House Tour - Patio
House Tour - Patio

I feel like everyday I discovered something about my apartment and it becomes my new favorite thing. My bathroom is fabulous, my awesome is just right and now I've got the patio. Part of me wanted to wait on doing anything with the patio and leave it empty. And then the heat came and we had four glorious days of hot sun! I LOVE heat! We get all day sun on our patio and the first thing I did when that sunshine came was destroy my toe on a nail popping out from the wood. And that was that, we bought carpet and furniture that night. Creating this little piece of sunshine heaven! Of course this week it's been all rain so when I was prepping for this post all the pictures were taking in the rain! But it's still a beautiful place when wet. The door of the patio is in the middle. So to the left you find two chairs and a table. Perfect for morning shade and breakfast (when it's not raining). The cord leads up to a string of lights that goes around the roofing of the building and around our patio. Unfortunately I have no way of taking a shot from the outside looking in...

House Tour - Patio

On the right side we have our rocking bench, a footstool or coffee table, a bird feeder, and a mat. The mat can be stretched across the patio for me to lay out and tan or read on. The rocking bench came with us from Calgary and is the perfect spot for enjoying an ice tea on a hot day. And the bird feeder, is my favorite thing. There are so many birds here, I've had 3 doves, dozens of little brown and red chested birds, robins, black red chested finches and I really need to get a bird book, so I can get names. I've tried for weeks to capture them on the patio but haven't had any luck yet, but I will!! The only issue with the seed is they spread it all over the patio, so I have to sweep it every so often. 

House Tour - Patio

And lastly is our view. It's not the greatest view. We don't see the sunsets and it's a busy traffic area. But it's peacefully and allows us to watch and really the important thing is that I can get all day sun, when the sun choose to come out!

When it came to buying everything. I did shop around a little, I checked out Walmart, Home Depot and a few stores in town. But we ended up buying everything at Target. They had the prices I wanted and good colors.

Where I found everything

Carpet - Outdoor Rugs - Target $60 each Table and Chairs - Target $40 (chairs), $60 (table) Concrete Stool - Target $60 Blue Mat and Pillow - Target $50 (mat), $15 (pillow) Bird Feeder and seeds - Target $20 (feeder), $20 (seeds 5K bag) String Lights - Target $20 Rocking Bench - Walmart 5 years ago

Total $445

What's left to do?

I want to get trough planters to hang off the balcony. Something like this. I am also debating on trying to do a hanging garden behind the rocking bench. Doing something similar to one of these three ideas - 1, 2, 3. Have to see what I can make myself though!

And at night when it's all light up. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of this space over summer.

What do you think of the space?  What would you do for a garden? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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