American Health Care

As a Canadian living in the states, the first thing I had to learn about is Health Care. It's run very differently from Canada. The states are getting better but it will be years before they get anywhere close to what Canada has and that really depends on the politicians. I've had the chance to catch up on all my appointments since moving and thought I would share my experiences and the differences. Side note: My husband works for an amazing company with top benefit coverage. We are very lucky in this fact, this is not something most Americans have access to.

First up - Chiropractor

Due to the car accident we had in August 2015 the first thing I looked into was a Chiropractor. After spending a week in a Uhaul both of us were hurting and way out of alignment.

Canada's Health Care

- Some health coverage covers them, some don't. - You can get a doctor's note to get your coverage to cover it - Is expensive, the Chiro we saw in September, initial appointment was $550 each. And we would not have gone if the insurance from the accident hadn't covered it.

US Health Care

- Not covered, even with a doctor's note - The price difference is drastically different. For our X-rays it cost $80, correction visits cost $50, check ups cost $30. (please note varies from Chiro to Chiro and area but from what I gather this is pretty standard for our area)

Who we see

Dr. Valeri J. Briski at Madison Upper Cerival Center, LLC.

If you have read for a long time you know I have anxiety and part of that is new places and people. I struggle greatly going anywhere new and talking to people. I usually show up an hour before and scoop the place out. If I get a weird vibe I call and cancel. When I am making the appointment if anything about the phone call makes me uncomfortable I just hang up and don't bother. And that brings me to Dr Briski's office team, consisting of just her sister. Her sister is bright and happy and completely relaxed me when talking to her on the phone. She was informative, asked lots of questions, contacted our Chiro in Canada and worked within our schedules.

Coming into the office I found the place clean, cheerful and quiet. I was offered a water, which usually I never take because I have no idea where it's coming from or how clean the area is where it's coming from, this time I was so happy with the environment I felt comfortable enough to have the water and hold a conversation. That first visit I got X-rays and an adjustment and then Dr. Briski did something different. She led me to a quiet room. Where she has special chairs for different heights and sits you in one for at minimal half an hour to relax into your adjustment. That room reminded me of my old yoga restorative classes, where you just stretch it out, breathe and zone out. While there was no stretching, the room allowed my body recovery time from the adjustment and I held my adjustment until my concussion. I went from weekly, to two weeks, to 4 weeks, then 6. From 6 weeks you go to every two months and that's where I interrupted the schedule with my concussion. But two check-ups later and I'm back on to two months.

I would highly recommend Dr. Briski, she's absolutely the best Chiro I've ever been too! This experience definitely made me hopefully that the rest of my appointments would be as positive.

This post is a four-part series posting for the next four Monday 
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