American Health Care

As a Canadian living in the states, Health Care is an adjustment. Last week I talked about the Chiropractor. This week is the Eye Doctor and my terrible vision! (please note this not a sponsored post) Side note: My husband works for an amazing company with top benefit coverage. We are very lucky in this fact, this is not something most Americans have access to.

Eye Doctor

Canada's Health Care

- Appointments are covered - Glasses are generally half covered (every two years) - Contacts are not

US Health Care

- Our insurance covers the cost of the appointments - It also partially covers the glasses - No coverage for contacts

Basically the same

Who I see

Kevin hasn't been yet and most likely will see someone else. I saw Dr. Hawkins at Dean Health on Regent Street.

I was running out of contacts and that is literally the only reason my foot stepped in the door. The clinic runs similarly to the feel of a hospital. It's strange. I walked in went to the first receptionist area. She chatting incessantly about my purple hair and finally directed me up to the second floor and the second receptionist area. There the ladies directed me to sit, also making comments about my hair. None of the comments were mean, they were well-meant, entertaining and honestly helped me relax. But it is a great reminder of how much I stick out. (next time wear a hat...) After barely two minutes the eye doctor's assistant came and grabbed me. We went into the room and so began the questions. I shared my history and prescriptions details with her. She was super nice and for once I didn't fail the eye puff test. Dr Hawkins came in, said my eyes look great. Update my prescription gave me two samples to try and I was out the door and back in the car by the time my appointment was supposed to start.


Contact Details

I tried the samples and fell in love with a different brand and then discovered somewhere along my way I lost all my original papers from the doctor. So I ended up calling in and having to go back to get a copy of my prescription. Contacts are ordered and I'm happy I'll be able to see. When the contacts arrived they were not the new brand I wanted. Which was sad, because there is actually a huge difference in the wear of the two brands. And that is where the biggest differences between Canada and the US came into play. I couldn't just order the different brand. The prescription is written to the brand the doctor says and so you can't order anything off that prescription. This also means that there's one set price and no shopping around for deals on contacts. In Canada I go in, get my prescription and order wherever I want, usually clearly contacts is the cheapest site. Here, no such luck. The websites I wanted to order from have to physically see a copy of the prescription, you have to scan it to them. Then they contact the doctor and only then can your order be placed. The prices on the websites are the same as at the office. No deals no discounts. I spent double on my prescription as I would have in Canada. It was almost tempting to just order from Clearly Contacts and have them shipped to Kevin's sister and then to us. Probably would have been cheaper. When my 90 days supply runs out I'll be going back to the eye doctor for a prescription in the other brand. Out of all my appointments I have not been charged a dime until I got contract prescription. Then it was $66 for the measuring of that. Which is kinda just offensive in my mind, but that's American Health Care.

Glasses Details

Unlike contacts, glasses work the same as in Canada. Which means I needed to find a new place to order from and not spend $700. So began my search for cheap prescription glasses. Luck was on my side and Catherine from GlassesShop reached out. GlassesShop offer prescription eyeglasses, cheap glasses and sunglasses, they are almost exactly the same type of website I used in Canada. I picked out my pair, ordered them and waited for them to arrive. I went for a very unique style than I have worn in the past. And the reason for this is I needed something light weight and comfortable to wear when having a migraine. I went with wire frames and nose piece. What I love about these glasses is that they are light weight. So much so that sometimes I think I am wearing my contacts and forget that they are there. Not only that but I lay down and watch TV with them on and still be comfy. I have discovered that I like not have the bottom of the frames. I feel not having frames around the bottom is what gives me the illusion of wearing contacts.

Disclaimer: GlassesShop sent me a pair of free glasses in exchange for my honest review. If you like what you see on their website I do have a Special Coupon Code GSHOT50. If you do order from their site, let me know, I'd love to see what you got!

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