My Birds
The Birds

Sleeps been hit and miss this month. So I've done a lot of bird watching So far I've been able to identify all of them but these little guys.

It's strange being in a city with greenery and singing. I spend hours a day watching and listening.

After months of blogging and writing, I've come to a place of peace. I haven't felt like writing, it comes and goes or the ideas aren't fully realized enough to post yet. This actually started happening in March but I have had enough back log of posts that it hasn't affect my blogging until last week.

On one hand I should be blogging, on the other I am enjoying listening to my birds and enjoying my time.  And that's the plan, enjoy myself.

The Birds

Today I'd like to ask you a favor! If you've followed for a while and read my posts, tell me what questions you have? If you could ask me anything, now's the time to do it! Ask away and I'll write a blog post! Leave it in a comment or shoot me an email You can ask reach me on any of my social medias or connect page.

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