American Health Care

Dentists are scary. And I've been going to the same dentist for over 6 years, so finding a new one was not something I really wanted to mess around with. I needed someone I could trust and fit the parameters I had set based on Canadian Dentists. Side note: My husband works for an amazing company with top benefit coverage. We are very lucky in this fact, this is not something most Americans have access to.


Canada's Health Care

- Almost everything is covered except cosmetics - Discounts on braces, mouth guards etc through coverage

US Health Care

- Varies on insurance, cleaning was covered but not fluoride - Discounts on braces, mouth guards etc through coverage

Who I see

Jennifer Bergstrom DDS

Dentist make me panic more than anything. I've never had a bad experience, it's just that you literally have no control when a dentist is working on your mouth. That said I try hard to take care of my teeth, I still don't floss enough and no matter how many times I brush my teeth they will be yellow (genetics). So when I walked in and got taken back to the chair, I looked at the lovely lady whose name I can't remember (I am terrible with names)and told her the truth. I was nervous, felt like throwing up and needed this to be as relaxed as possible. And she did just that. She chatted in what I image to be a cooing Mom's voice for the entire duration of my appointment. I have very little memory of what she talked about, but I am so appreciative of how she responded to my nerves. I got a cleaning, a check up and the Dr Bergstrom came out early because she wanted to see who's great teeth she was looking at. When she heard I was Canadian she laughed and said that made sense because no Americans have teeth this good (which makes me so sad). While I do have a few concerning spots my teeth are healthy and doing well. I got x-rays, tooth imaging, cleaning, and polish. But the one thing not included in the appointment was fluoride. Which is something I've always gotten done. The reason for that is no insurance company covers it. It was an extra $31 for fluoride or I could get fluoride prescription toothpaste to do on my own once or twice a week. I went with the prescription. After my appointment we booked my six months and I chatted with the receptionist for close to twenty minutes (something I never do). We chatted about Chicago, how to get there (metro train from a town called Harvard or bus or drive, she recommended the train), museums to see (science museum), to the Chicago Bean. As someone who is rather shy it was nice chatting. Leaving though I do have some generally concerns. A long time ago a bobbie pin chipped my front tooth and I had it filled. About half the filling came off as it does once every couple of years. And the clinic said they won't fill it. It's not noticeable to anyone but me, however I do want it fixed. So most likely at the six months appointment I will also be asking for that to be done. I will also be getting a new mouth guard at that appointment. They have a different style, it doesn't fill the mouth and so I will probably be getting that at the same time. All in all I am really happy with the ladies at Jennifer Bergstrom's office and I probably should make Kevin and appointment.

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