June Aspirations

Welcome to June Aspirations, the monthly goal link up hosted by Jazmine from Fairy Lights & Dreams and myself!!

May Recap


Go for a bike ride - hard to say how I did. Because I went for 7 bike rides, just on the gym bike and not outside. Double Workouts - due to my insomnia and the meds I was on working out was difficult and a side priority. I am saddened by this but June is a new month!! Successful complete a 30 day no sugar challenge - this was not successful. I had good days and bad. The interesting thing is that my worst migraines came on days where I ate the most sugar. I need to find a better way of tracking my migraines, but this is definitely a work in progress. Be better at meal planning - slowly. We bought a foreman grill and I've found a good groove. That will be changing though when we get our CSA box, which I'll write about more when it arrives!! Read MORE - yes and now. I am finding writing book reviews bores me now. So I read a few but not as much as I wanted.


Network – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Build, Build, Build - I have a plan and will be testing it for the month of June! Redesign blog space - I did. And I love it. It's not perfect but each month I learn a little more about how I want to change it and how to do so. Post on Food/Book blog - as mentioned above with the read more. I'm just not into it. It's not making me proud, so I think my time is better spent elsewhere.

June Goals


Travel Attend a festival Go to the Farmers Market Take more pictures


Create a daily schedule Keep to the weekly schedule

Monthly Aspirations

BUT Enough about me! I want to hear from you! Join the link up, leave a comment telling me about your goals for the month of June! And be sure to visit Jazmine!!

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