Monthly Money Check-In

Monthly Money Check-In

The heat hit and all my plans kind flew out the window. All my thoughts and plans went towards creating a beautiful space outside! And I did! But first let's catch up

Canadian Debt

I can't wait to see the 10%!! Soooo close!



Patio Sunshine

We spent $445 creating my outside space! It's beautiful and perfect and my little sunshine heaven. But it was also unexpected. The heat, the humidity, the need for fans. For the first half of the month I refused to turn on the air conditioning. And basically stopped sleeping completely. Turned on the air and now I'm sleeping. It's not a perfect sleep, still having trouble but it's better. I think the heat was getting to me even though I was so enjoying it! Now I soak up on my perfect patio and come in when I need to cool off! It's great for reading and enjoying myself! (these pictures are from last week when I burned myself not paying attention to how long I was uncovered for!)

We also spent $200 on clothes for Kevin. He needed it and should be set for another 6 or 7 months. Hopefully longer, depending on the quality of the clothes. That 200 though, got him 3 pairs of pants, 4 shirts and a sweater. Money well spent and would have cost us triple in Canada. Having never bought him clothes at Kohls though I am curious how well they will wear.


It's all the same as last month.

Shoe Rack
Kitchen Bench


Kitchen Benches, actually they've already been ordered and are on their way! I can't wait to get them and set them up. That cost us $200. We also are investing in shelving units for the laundry room, which I haven't shared on the blog yet. I want to wait until it's done because it's such a disaster! Not sure how much that will all cost but I am hoping under a $100. Depending on how the month goes I hope to still be able to get the pantry! But we will see!

This month our CSA box starts up! CSA being a Vegetable delivery service, that you pay for in a lump sum. That should drop our grocery budget a lot! Though I have no idea what we are going to do with cilantro!


We've rearranged our bill structure. Hoping to allow for better savings ability. Fingers crossed!

How's your finances this month?

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