American Health Care

American Health Care

Out of the entire series this is the one I waited the longest to go to. I don't like Doctors. I was taught that modern medicine is silly and usually can't be trusted. And that doctors like to just give you more pills than figure out whats wrong. I have a hard time getting over that mentality. And so with great trepidation, I went. Side note: My husband works for an amazing company with top benefit coverage. We are very lucky in this fact, this is not something most Americans have access to.

General Doctor

Canada's Health Care

I saw two different types of doctors. 1. General Practitioner, walk in clinic. Saw for 5 minutes and generally I told him what I wanted. Usually migraine meds. Make my headaches go away. 2. Sexual Health, Doctors who specialize in the sexual health needs of women. Covering everything from pregnancy to prevention, STD's, breast health, sex education, birth control and so much more.

Canadian Health Care is always covered, until prescriptions are involved and then it depends on your coverage. In certain cities though it is really hard to find a doctor to call your own and if your like me you'll use two clinics for different reasons and never have just one doctor.

US Health Care

- varies on what is covered based on your insurances - prescriptions are partially covered again based on your insurance

Who I see

Dr Laurel D Rabson, MD

I walked into the clinic to be confronted with a line. Because it was my first time the line could not be avoided, I needed to check in and fill out some forms. However they do have a kiosk available to sign in. After that it was to the second waiting room check in and more forms. And after while a nurse and trainee lead me back. They read over my forms and then input the forms into the computer verifying all the information with me as they were doing it. Checked my weight, took my blood pressure. Asked if I had questions or concerns and then left me to wait for the doctor. Dr Rabson was very nice and a professional. However I found we got stuck on my migraine issue and never moved on to any other concerns I had. This is hugely my fault as nerves took over and I didn't ask questions. But I am so used to the Canadian mentality of walk in clinics where you were only allowed to discuss one thing per appointment and if you had multiple things you had to go out and do the waiting process again. I feel in this case the states might have a better system. But it could just be that this is now my doctor and not just a walk in. She gave me a new med regime and I left. A lot of this comes down to my fault for not speaking up. She put me back on the regime I had been on two years ago. I knew there was a reason I had stopped but couldn't think about it and we booked a follow-up appointment so I figured I would try it out and see. Within three days I knew why I hated this regime and after 3 weeks I stopped bothering with the meds. Of course this also means my migraines came back full force. I am very glad I had a follow-up appointment. The second appointment went a lot better. And so far I am happy with the new drugs. Being preventative in my migraine care is huge for me and hopefully means more sleep and better days. She also put me on a vitamin and besides the more yellow pee, I feel a lot more energetic. But the biggest thing for me, is that I am comfortable with what we talked about, the measures we have taken and the path my health is on. I saw this instagram quote the other day and thought I would share it.

"Health is not valued until sickness comes" Thomas Fuller

And I don't want to be sick. So as many preventive measures as I can take I will!!

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