House Tour - The Last Room(s)

House Tour - The Last Room(s)
House Tour

I have one more section of the house to show you and that is the main bathroom/laundry room. The reason this one is the main is due to location. Our guests use this room and not my bathroom. I rarely go into these rooms, if I am doing laundry I will go through the bathroom to get to it, otherwise I use my bathroom in the master suite. So there is very little done in this room besides bathmats and the basics Kevin uses. When we moved in we decided to each get a bathroom. Kevin took the shower one due to location and I love baths. So this room is very much his and I wanted his opinion. Except he doesn't seem to have one that he wants to share. So

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The big wall opposite the mirror needs some big posters/pictures, I originally wanted the posters from the living room on it, but they worked to well for the living room. I've bought three hanging Terraiums from amazon to go beside/above the toilet, but thread seems to be an issues. Yes we are currently discussing thread types. I want to use something we already have, due to convenience, but Kevin wants invisible thread. I love the idea of invisible thread and the fact that he stated it was something he wanted, means the second I can find it on sale, I'll do it. But I might hang them with what we have in the meantime.

Kevin did choose a shower caddy and his toothbrush holder. He wanted certain colors and look. But my favorite part is through the door at the end of the room.

The laundry room!

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I wish I had taken before pictures so I could show you what it looked like but I didn't, so I'll just have to explain it. When we moved in. The dryer was right in front of the door and the washer was to the left as you can see in the pictures. Except the washer was turned the other way, so I was always loading it from the side instead of the front. You won't think this would be annoying, but it was! So we got management to get longer hoses and turn it around for me. There was only one shelving unit and it was above the washer. So the floor and tops of things got crowded and the whole room felt disorganized.

We picked up shelves from Home Depot. Kevin installed them one night. Another day I build the little two cupboard and voila a well put together room!

What do you think of both rooms?? How would you decorate Kevin's Bathroom??

Where I found everything

Two Cupboard Shelve ($29) and Bins ($2 each) - Target

Wire Shelves ($59) - Home Depot

Frame - Wisconsin Craft Market

Print - Google Search Laundry Free Print Off

Everything else included in rental

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