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book reviews

I love writing book reviews. I even had a blog designated to reviews. My desire to write long reviews has lessened. So I might take two or three Mondays throughout the months to dedicate posts to books I've read. Usually it'll be a few books together like today, but sometimes you might yet a review of just one, when the need to expand my thoughts arise. Hope you enjoy them. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman (Seraphine Book 2)

I love how the genders and sexuality of the characters are treated in this book. They are mentioned but not made into something. I wanted the princess to go the way she did but I didn't expect it. That was a refreshing twist. This was a really good end to the series. I very much enjoyed it. Dragons are awesome!

Incarnate by Jody Meadows (Newsoul Book 1)

I wish this book came with a CD of music. I feel like we are missing half the story by not having accompanying orchestra. Sam is... well interesting The irony of "protecting" someone who hasn't been reincarnated before. The Masquerade was my favorite part. Between her costume design and it's relation to the cover and the described dancing.

Asunder by Jody Meadows (Newsoul Book 2)

This was an interesting continuation of the series. It picks up right where it leaves off and things just go wrong. For a second book this has a lot of moving story and isn't one of those get through it till book three type of reads. Lots happens. The Slyph and the new realized theory behind it, is most interesting. The memory loss is also interesting and I am curious how she plans to over come it. The introduction of Cis and the drama with Steph. It's interesting to have other people's emotions besides just the main characters. Side characters have feelings too!

Infinite by Jody Meadows (Newsoul Book 3)

An interesting conclusion to the book. The ending though felt very rushed and incomplete. And then I discovered there's a novella. I hate novellas. Write it all into the book and be done with it. Don't be an asshole and create novella's that continue the story! We finally get to see dragons! Dossam's true selfish colors come out. People are extremely fanatic. But it all wraps up.

I'll try to be more descriptive on whether or not I enjoyed the book as I test out this new review style. XOXO

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