The Little Bits Post

I've sat on a lot of swings, three as of late. One you saw here in this post, today's includes the second and the third I didn't take a picture. While on these swings I spent my time reflecting, feeling, and reading. Here is the collection of things I found and thoughts I've had.

Another Swing

While this quote from tumblr feels a little vindictive it's also satisfying, knowing I've become a better human being. AND that they will never get to met me as a better person.

"I wanted my mother to acknowledge her part in my brokenness but she won’t. I also know today that if she did, it would not have been the answer anyway. The belief system would still be the same. I had to take hold of my life, and own my own identity. I had to “own” who I am, and live for me and learn to define myself instead of being defined by everyone else, and thinking that they if they loved me enough, that I could love myself….it doesn’t work that way. It sounds like it should, but it doesn’t. " Darlene Ouimet Author of Emerging from Broken; the Beginning of Hope for Emotional Healing

Another Swing

Owning who I am is a huge part of why I write. I want more. I feel like my blog has become stagnate in a circle of me telling story but not sharing my growth. I need to share my progress, my healing but I have yet to figure out how to put that into words.

"Sometimes I wish people didn't understand or relate to my posts because that would mean the world was okay. But its not"

This quote is from me, something I randomly wrote to myself after a weird day and even weirder dreams. It is a reason I want, no NEED to figure out how to write about my healing and where I am today. Hopefully soon I'll be able to put it into words.

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