Shake the Lake
Shake the Lake

So Saturday was the first real event Kevin and I have attended since moving to Madison, Wisconsin. When we lived in Calgary we attended as many free events as we could and were always exploring town and see things put on. Madison is so much smaller so there's very few events happening in comparison. And not only that I find that events here just don't advertise or use social media at all! The only reason we found out about this was because Kevin got a haircut and the hairdresser asked if we were going.

Shake the Lake - link

And so we went! The event was split on two sides of Monona Terrace Community and Convention Centera. One side was good music, the other was country. We first arrived on the good music side explored, then crossed to the other. On the other side we found roller derby, grilled cheese and a man being shot out of a canon. Which as I said on snapchat (shameless self promotion, follow me!), the man being shot out of the canon was a lot of hype for 5 seconds of entertainment!

The roller derby was really neat and I wish we had watched it for longer, but we were hungry! The grilled cheese is from Melted and was super yummy. I had the classic and Kevin had the bratwich (gross).

We spent the rest of the night walking, listening to music and people watching. Until about 9:30 when we started to hunt for the perfect camera spot for the fireworks. Insert lots of pictures of the two of us!! Which seriously I hardly ever take pictures of the two of us anymore!


I have wanted to see fireworks for a couple of months now. What I really wanted was the opportunity to properly capture them with my camera. So finding a spot to do so was really important to me. I did a lot of research into how to take the pictures and on the actual day remembered all of it except my tripod! Which meant when hunting down a spot to sit I needed a place to balance my camera. In Canada the side of the lake the fireworks are on, is completely cut off to the crowds, so you usually need a zoom lens to get even semi close up shots. Here we were right on the lake with the fireworks a hundred yards out. So all my shots are way to close up and it was super loud. But seriously it was an amazing experience being that close and watching the show! It was half an hour-long which is the longest show either of us have ever seen and it was well done! So while these pictures aren't the best, they are so much better than last time I tried to catch fireworks.

After the fireworks we walked with the crowd back to our parking spot. Though we made one stop on the way, to capture a selfie at the changing wall, which you can see in the feature photo (I love this wall!!). Got in the car, joined the crowd of vehicles trying to get out. After paying for parking and as I pulled out of the covered lot we rain into the worst rain storm I have ever driven in! It was intense and we are so lucky we didn't get caught in it when walking! (snapchat promotion again, video on there!!)

All in all 6 hours of entertainment for $20.50- breakdown $6 for my grilled cheese, $8 for Kevin's and $5.50 for parking. And cheese as this is, the captured pictures are priceless!

So now Madison, I have to ask 4th of July is coming up and what events are happening??

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